Elias Bejjani/Where Do We Stand as Lebanese, Politically & Faith Wise?


Where Do We Stand as Lebanese, Politically & Faith Wise?
Elias Bejjani
January 23/15

Our motherland Lebanon is going through an actual existential crisis in regards to its,
Distinguishable identity,
Leadership in both civil and religious domains,
Deeply rooted and rich history,
Civilized model for common living,
Peace, freedom and democracy,
Coexistence and tolerance,
Openness, Self Respect, Honesty, Courage and faith.
And most importantly in its peoples defiance in No fearing God and Day Of Judgment

This crisis is not unique in the context of history, whereas many peoples, like ours, in hundreds of great and mighty nations had faced and suffered such crisis when they lost faith in God, followed their evil instincts and fell into Satan’s temptations.

Sodom and Gomorrah cities with their surrounding neighborhood evil peoples, Prophet Noah’s unrighteous era, and the Town of Babel and its king Nimrod, Noah’s Great Grandson who defied God and built its tower,  are few, but shocking and actual examples of dire derailment from God’s paths.

Sadly Lebanon nowadays is almost at the brink of such an ungodly era because the majority of its leaders, politicians clergymen and intellectuals are selfish, worshiping money, slaves to their lusts and not fearing God in the execution of their religious, national and human duties and obligations.

Accordingly the Land of the Holy Cedars is in turmoil on all levels and in all fields; foreigners run, dominate and control its decision making process, as well as its governing powers, social, political and economical fate.

Besides blaming and pointing to all these high ranking religious and civil authorities, we are ought at the same time to look thoroughly on our own selves and see where do we stand, and examine the roles are we are assuming.

Are we courageous enough to say things as they are to each and every civil and religious figure in position of responsibility?
Are we able to tell our politicians what is righteous and which is unrighteous?

Are we actually combining faith with actions and measuring all matters without selfishness and personal gains?
Do we know that faith without actions is a dead faith?
Are we ready to pay the price for witnessing for the truth, no matter what?
Are we able to respect ourselves, honor our dignity and keep our Conscience alive?
Is our self esteem strong enough to immunize us against all social, spiritual, money, hardships and ethical challenges?
In Summary: Let us all honestly contemplate in our roles as Lebanese citizens back home and in Diaspora and see where and how we can give both our people and country a hand.

To do that it would be very wise to compare our roles and the roles of all Lebanese figures in power with what Saint Peter (Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians 06/09) says in the below verses.

“Or don’t you know that the unrighteous will not inherit the Kingdom of God? Don’t be deceived. Neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor male prostitutes, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor slanderers, nor extortioners, will inherit the Kingdom of God.”

To make our contemplations more real and more practical it is very helpful to compare between what he recommends and where we really stand in life.

Elias Bejjani
Canadian-Lebanese Human Rights activist, journalist and political commentator
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