Dr. Walid Phares/The new Taateer: “March 14 and 8” backs Hezbollah? حالة تعتير 8 و14 آذار في تأييد حزب الله


The new Taateer: “March 14 and8” backs Hezbollah?
Dr. Walid Phares
Observers are puzzled in Washington on how so many politicians affiliated with the March 14 coalition in Lebanon hurdled to support Hezbollah and the Iranian Pasdaran after the Israeli strike on the Golan, Syria.

Had it been “March 8” it would have been normal to see their politicians, open allies with the axis, rushing to declare their allegiance to the Ayatollahs and the leaders of Hezbollah, whatever is the enemy, Israel or the Salafists, or even the liberals.That was the digested.

But to hear the pitiful screams of “labbaik ya Hezbollah” coming from March 14 politicians, and see these politicians embracing the Terror leaders after the strikes in Syria is baffling. Some of these politicians not so long ago, were here in Washington begging -literally begging- US officials and lobbies to strike at Hezbollah with “all what they got,” and were whispering right and left to have “any capable country” in the Middle East “remove Hezbollah” from Lebanon.

These same politicians from March 14 are now merging with their former adversary from March 8 to celebrate the Vilayet-e-Faqih.

We now wonder why would anyone in the diaspora, and in Washington back any politician in Lebanon after March 8 and March 14 became “March 148.”

Such a brilliant civil society to be represented by these hordes of irresponsible politicians, what a shame, what a loss. Only Lebanese colloquial language has the right words for this: “Taateer”