Elias Bejjani/Understanding the Risks of Hamas’s Victory in Gaza


Understanding the Risks of Hamas’s Victory in Gaza
Elias Bejjani/May 28, 2024

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The ongoing conflict between the State of Israel and the terrorist organization Hamas has resulted in immense suffering for people in the Middle East. The devastating war has caused loss of innocent lives, and the destruction of homes and communities demands global sympathy for the victims on both sides. However, it is crucial for global and regional powers to understand the true nature and goals of Hamas and the risks associated with its continued dominance in Gaza.

Promoting wars and targeting innocent civilians, whether Palestinian or Israeli, is neither acceptable nor justified by any moral or humanitarian standards. The Palestinian people are suffering immensely due to unprecedented Israeli military actions, while Hamas leaders remain indifferent, hiding in tunnels and using civilians as human shields. This organization prioritizes its jihadist agenda against Israel over the lives of defenseless Palestinian civilians.

The loss of innocent Palestinian lives is tragic and must be condemned. Hamas bears full responsibility for the suffering of its people, and its actions provide justification for Israel’s military response. While it is essential to condemn Israeli actions that harm civilians, it is equally important to recognize the dangers of a Hamas victory.

Allowing Hamas to win in Gaza would strengthen it militarily, promote violent ideologies, and keep the Palestinian people under its oppressive rule. A Hamas victory would destabilize moderate Arab countries and empower other jihadist and terrorist organizations, potentially exporting terrorism to Europe, America, and beyond.

To defeat Hamas and free the Palestinian people from its tyranny, the international community must address the root causes of the conflict. This involves isolating Hamas, dismantling its infrastructure, and supporting the establishment of peaceful, democratic self-rule in Gaza and the West Bank. A future Palestinian state should be one that is reconciled with Israel and the broader international community.

Arab countries, many of which classify Hamas as a terrorist organization, must take clear and decisive stances against it. Hamas is closely aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood and other extremist groups, as well as with the Iranian Mullahs’ regime posing a significant threat to regional stability.

The free world must distinguish between legitimate self-defense and terrorism. Groups like Hamas, Hezbollah, Boko Haram, the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces, the Houthis in Yemen, and others, often supported by the Iranian regime, are enemies of peace. Equating their actions with legitimate self-defense undermines justice and destabilizes global security.

Sympathy for the Palestinian people, who are held hostage by Hamas, is necessary. However, the international community must not overlook the dangers posed by allowing terrorist organizations to prevail.

Defeating Hamas is crucial for achieving peace in the Middle East and beyond. This peace can only be realized through dialogue, reconciliation, mutual respect, and the right of all peoples to self-determination.
In conclusion, supporting the people of Gaza in their quest for a future free of terrorism and the domination of Hamas is a humanitarian duty.

The forces of peace and justice must triumph over hatred and violence to ensure a stable and secure world.

The author, Elias Bejjani, is a Lebanese expatriate activist
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