Elias Bejjani /Text and Video: Hezbollah is an Iranian army, did not liberate the south; rather, it occupies Lebanon and was forcibly imposed during the era of Syrian occupation.January 18, 2024


Text and Video: Hezbollah is an Iranian army, did not liberate the south; rather, it occupies Lebanon and was forcibly imposed during the era of Syrian occupation.
Elias Bejjani /January 18, 2024

الياس بجاني/نص وفيديو: حزب الله جيش إيراني لم يحرر الجنوب، ويحتل لبنان وفُرّض بالقوة على لبنان خلال حقبة الاحتلال السوري

اضغط هنا لقراءة المقالة التي في أسفل باللغة العربية/Click here to read the below piece in Arabic

The Shiite sect in Lebanon has been held hostage by the terrorist Iranian armed proxy, Hezbollah, since 1982. Hezbollah was not a voluntary choice for the Lebanese Shiites; instead, it was forcibly imposed upon them and on all the Lebanese in the 1980s during the Syrian occupation era, in an agreement between the Iranian Mullahs and the Baathist Assad regime.

Hezbollah gained complete control over the Shiites in Lebanon in favor of the Mullahs’ regime in 1988, following armed battles in the Iqlem Al Tefah Region with the Shiite Amal movement.

After defeating Amal, Hezbollah forcefully subjugated its armed presence, rendering it a subservient entity. Since then, Amal has become a symbolic facade executing Hezbollah’s agenda without independent decision-making power.

Since 1982, Hezbollah has isolated the Shiites from other Lebanese, the Lebanese state, Arabs, and has forcefully dominated their decisions, representation, educational, religious, economic, and social institutions. Hezbollah imposed 27 parliamentary deputies on the Shiites by force, recruited Shiites men to fight on various battlefields for the Mullahs’ regime in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Gulf countries, and in many Western and American countries.

Hezbollah proudly asserts that it is a military force under the command of the Iranian Supreme Leader, with all its possessions, weapons, and capabilities in all fields originating from Iran and in service to Iran.
Contrary to its false claims of being a resistance devoted to the liberation of Palestine since its creation in 1982, Hezbollah is, in fact, an Iranian army under full Iranian command.

In 2000, Hezbollah claimed to liberate South Lebanon, but it actually occupies the entire country.
In conclusion, Hezbollah’s status is Iranian, rooted in Iranian ideology, completely subservient to Iran and its regime, and serves as one of its prime Jihadist terrorist military proxies.

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