Elias Bejjani/Video & Text: Commemorating the Annual Brutal Damour Massacre


Video & Text: Commemorating the Annual Brutal Damour Massacre
Elias Bejjani/January 21, 2024

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The memory of the Damour Massacre, perpetrated by the Syrian Assad regime, Palestinian terrorism, leftist and Arab nationalist groups, and jihadists on January 20, 1976, remains etched in the Lebanese, Christian, moral, national, and faith-based consciousness. It serves as a painful reminder of a brutal chapter in Lebanon’s history and the resilient struggle of its free Christian community.

This anniversary reflects a dark period where internal traitors and mercenaries aligned with Palestinian, Arab, leftist, and jihadist terrorism executed brutal and barbaric massacres against the peaceful inhabitants of the Damour Town, and the Christian residents along the Shouf region coast. This period culminated in the siege of President Camille Chamoun in the town of Saadiyat.

The Damour Massacre anniversary symbolizes a bloody chapter in the ongoing evil attempts to uproot Christians from Lebanon, dismantle Lebanon’s entity, disrupt coexistence, undermine its role, erode identity, and attack its civilization. Enemies of Lebanon, civilization, and humanity destroyed homes and churches in Damour and its neighboring coastal towns, burning fields and displacing the Christian population.
The innocent victims of the Damour Massacre, estimated at 684 individuals, including children, women, elders, and fighters, will not be forgotten.

planners and executors of this atrocity, along with their demonic objectives to uproot and displace Christians from Lebanon, remain ingrained in our collective memory.

These sinister schemes persist today, targeting not only Christians, but various Lebanese sovereign and independent groups through local, regional, and international entities, each with its distinct identity, yet united under hostile, sectarian, and terrorist concepts.

In the present time, the Iranian Mullahs’ regime, through its terrorist proxy Hezbollah, the criminal Assad regime, and numerous local mercenaries from leftists, jihadists, and resistance traders, continue the chapters of the Damour Massacre.

The occupation faced by Lebanon goes beyond Damour to encompass the entire country and its social community fabrics. The Mullahs’ regime seeks, through force and terrorism, not only to uproot Christians from Lebanon, but also to destroy its entity, overthrow its coexistence and civilized system, aiming to replace it with an Islamic Republic annexed to Tehran’s rulers. This serves as a base to overthrow all Arab regimes and establish the Persian Empire.

On this painful anniversary, all Lebanese sovereign, independent, and peaceful social and denominational groups, led by the Christians, will not forget the heroism of our noble, honorable, and brave people who stood against invaders and mercenaries, sacrificing themselves for their sacred homeland.

No, we will not forget our Lebanese righteous Damour martyrs, and we will not forget their sacrifices. On this somber day, we raise prayers, humbly asking for their souls to rest in peace in God’s eternal heavenly mansions.

Elias Bejjani
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