Elias Bejjani: Toppling the Iranian Jihadi and Terrorism Regime Is a Peace Global Necessity/إسقاط نظام إيران الجهادي والإرهابي ضرورة عالمية للسلام


إسقاط نظام إيران الجهادي والإرهابي ضرورة عالمية للسلام

Toppling the Iranian Jihadi and Terrorism Regime Is a Peace Global Necessity
إسقاط نظام إيران الجهادي والإرهابي ضرورة عالمية للسلام
Elias Bejjani/December 23/2023

In the turbulent landscape of global terrorism, one nation stands out as a clear and present danger to peace and stability: Iran. The Iranian regime, under the control of the Mullahs, has been orchestrating a wave of atrocities across multiple countries, spreading its malevolent influence through assassinations, explosions, and the promotion of hatred and jihad. This ominous role extends to its armed proxies, strategically positioned in Iraq, Syria, Gaza, Yemen, West Bank, and the Red Sea, disrupting the peace in these regions and beyond.
Iran’s destructive agenda is evident in its tight grip on armed proxies, unleashing chaos and undermining peace efforts in Lebanon, Yemen, Gaza, Iraq and Syria.

The Iranian-backed militias have become instruments of havoc, exacerbating tensions and impeding any prospects for stability. In Gaza, the Iranian regime’s support for militant groups fuels the ongoing conflict, perpetuating the cycle of violence and making a sustainable peace seem unattainable.

A particularly alarming aspect of Iran’s aggressive strategy is its interference in the Red Sea through Houthi rebels in Yemen. The Houthi attacks against commercial ships pose a significant threat to international trade routes, jeopardizing the economic stability of the region. This maritime aggression not only endangers innocent lives but also disrupts the global supply chain, emphasizing the urgent need for decisive action against Iran’s expansionist ambitions.

The Mullahs’ anti-peace agenda is further evident in their oppressive measures against the Iranian people. Fabricated charges, arbitrary death penalties, and a regime built on oppression and dictatorship tactics have become the norm. The Iranian people endure daily hardships, their voices stifled in the face of an authoritarian regime that prioritizes its own survival over the welfare of its citizens.

Iran’s anti-feminism policies add another layer to its regressive practices. Women in Iran face systemic discrimination, limiting their freedoms and opportunities. The international community must not turn a blind eye to the plight of Iranian women and the oppressive conditions they endure under the Mullahs’ rule.
As the Middle East continues to grapple with unrest and conflict, it is imperative to recognize that the root cause lies in the Iranian regime’s expansionist and destructive agenda. The international community must unite to support efforts to topple the Mullahs’ regime and replace it with a government that prioritizes peace, stability, and the well-being of its citizens.

In conclusion, the global community must not underestimate the threat posed by Iran to global peace and security. The Mullahs’ regime is not only fanning the flames of conflict in various nations but is also inflicting untold suffering upon its own people. It is high time for a collective and resolute response to dismantle the apparatus of terror that Iran has become, paving the way for a more stable and peaceful future in the Middle East and beyond.

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