Charlie Hebdo’s new edition includes Muhammad cartoons


Charlie Hebdo’s new edition includes Muhammad cartoons
January 12, 2015
By Robert Spencer

 charlie hebdo post massacre“We will not give in otherwise all this won’t have meant anything.” They are to be commended for their courage and resolution. While the lights of freedom are going out all over the West, as authorities and media outlets rush to capitulate to Islamic supremacist demands for conformity to Sharia blasphemy restrictions, Charlie Hebdo is hanging tough. If only we had 100 more publications like this one — the Islamic supremacists would be on the ropes.

 “Charlie Hebdo’s Wednesday edition to include Prophet Mohammed cartoons,” by Henry Samuel, the Telegraph, January 12, 2015 (thanks to Jen):
The next edition of Charlie Hebdo, out on Wednesday with a million-copy print run, will “naturally” contain cartoons of Prophet Mohammed, along with jibes against politicians and religions across the board, said the stricken weekly’s lawyer.

 Richard Malka was among the first to call for the magazine to continue functioning after nine of its contributors, including famed cartoonists Cabu and Wolinski and its publishing director, Charb, were gunned down last Wednesday by Chérif and Saïd Kouachi.  When asked whether that meant more cartoons of Mohammed, which have been a regular feature in the magazine until last Wednesday’s attack, he replied: “Naturally.”

 “We will not give in otherwise all this won’t have meant anything,” he told France Info radio on Monday, which broadcast from the magazine’s heavily guarded temporary offices at Libération newspaper.  “Humour without self-deprecation isn’t humour. We mock ourselves, politicians, religions, it’s a state of mind you need to have.”  “The Charlie state of mind is the right to blaspheme,” he went on.  Referring to the “Je Suis Charlie” slogans in support of its slain cartoonists that have circled the globe, he said: “A Je Suis Charlie banner means you have the right to criticise my religion, because it’s not serious.”

 “We have never criticised a Jew because he’s a Jew, a Muslim because he’s a Muslim or a Christian because he’s a Christian. But you can say anything you like, the worst horrors – and we do – about Christianity, Judaism and Islam, because behind the nice slogans, that’s the reality of Charlie Hebdo,” he said.  Asked whether the surviving Charlie editorial team were able to focus on their job, he said: “It’s complicated, because we have to manage the future, the funerals that will take place all this week, but it’s moving forward and will be completed this evening.”
“It’s an act of life, of survival,” he said.

Luz, a Charlie cartoonist, said working on the issue was keeping him and colleagues sane. “We’re getting by. We are having less nightmares. We are trying to put a magazine together and find some calm and inspiration, it’s not easy.”  “We are down to a skeleton staff since last Wednesday as you might have noticed but we’ll try our best.”…