Director Youssef Al-Khoury Is illegally Arrested


Director Youssef Al-Khoury Is illegally Arrested
Youssef Al Khoury Friends/September 11/2023
Director Youssef Al-Khoury was summoned to this morning to the Mount Lebanon Information Center in Jisr El-Basha-Sin El Fil for interrogating about a matter that is still unknown, under the pretext of preventive security and information gathering.
The investigation began with him after the expulsion of his legal lawyer because an investigation report was not been opened. Since more than six consecutive hours have passed on his arrest without being allowed to contact his lawyer or members of his family.
His current detention is considered a deprivation of freedom and requires opposition from all those fighting for freedom of opinion. Therefore, we call on all friends, comrades in the struggle, and people of free opinion to gather in front of The Mount Lebanon Information Command Center, located in Jisr El-Basha – Sin El Fil, starting at six-thirty this evening, to call for the release of our comrade, director Youssef El-Khoury.