Elias Bejjani: The Maronite Patriarch: Al Raei: Detachment from the Patriarchate Historical Convictions


The Maronite Patriarch: Al Raei: Detachment from the Patriarchate Historical Convictions
Elias Bejjani
January 03/15

Sadly our Maronite Patriarch His Beatitude Bchara Al Raei is not acting as he is expected to do in numerous administrative, religious, national and political domains. Since he was elected after the resignation of Patriarch Mar Nasrallah Sfier and most of his rhetoric, stances, alliances, abroad visits, and arrogance are all controversial and unprecedented in the recent history of the Maronite Patriarchate.

Administrative wise he is not protecting or safeguarding the real state property of the church, while openly and without any kind of deterrence what so ever had freely granted a piece of this property to one of his close aids to build a palace on it.

Tens of letters from different sources, ecclesial, clerical, political and otherwise were sent to him requesting an immediate correction of this unlawful and unethical stance, but with stubbornness and arrogance he has refused to do so.

His responses were all denial, projection and accusations of treason for each and every person who addressed this very sensitive issue. This issue is still not solved yet, and apparently His Beatitude is not willing to do so in spite of all the criticism that is taking place on an ongoing pattern.

Politically Al Raei joined the Syrian Axis of Evil and ignored totally the historical role of the Maronite Patriarchate in being a holy and sold bastion of Lebanese patriotism, independence, sovereignty freedoms and democracy.

The puzzling question is, what our Maronite Patriarch, Al Raei is thinking?

Does he really believe that he is a God and we, the Maronites must worship him!!

Is he fooling himself that the Maronites will accept with silence and indifference all the atrocities that are taking place in Bkerki on all level?

We definitely assure His beatitude that the free, faithful and patriotic Maronites in Lebanon and Diaspora will not keep quite and their voices are going to be louder and louder every day till he is back to Bkerki and to its historical convictions.

The irony with Al Raei’s kind of conduct and controversies lies in the fact that while Pope Frances is leading a revolution in the Vatican to modernize the Catholic Church and bring it to the 21 century, His beatitude is dragging the Maronite Church to the dark ages.

Does Al Raei recognize that we are in the 21 century and not in the oppressive European inquisition horrible era? Hopefully he does for the sake of our Church!!

We call on our Maronite Patriarch Al Raei to safeguard our Church, Honor its historical convictions and to be meek and fully abide by his priesthood vows of poverty, obedience and celibacy.

Elias Bejjani
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