Charles Elias Chartouni: Shiite Fascism, Terrorism and Fictitious Statehood/شارل الياس الشرتوني: الفاشية الشيعية والإرهاب والدولة الوهمية


شارل الياس الشرتوني: الفاشية الشيعية والإرهاب والدولة الوهمية
Shiite Fascism, Terrorism and Fictitious Statehood
Charles Elias Chartouni/December 21/2022

The assassination of the Irish UNIFIL soldier, Sean Rooney, is a deliberate act of terror which testifies to the inability of the Lebanese State to uphold its sovereignty, respect its commitments, improve its credentials within the international community, coordinate transborder stability, and safeguard the chances of peace after decades of security voids on its Southern borders. Lebanon is losing once again its prerogatives, as an independent and sovereign State, to a terror group after forty years of battered Sovereignty and curtailed Statehood, under the Palestinian-Leftist control of South Lebanon and its destructive effects, both actors partake of the same plot and attest to the detracted status of controversial Statehood. What we are confronted with is far from being a subsidiary scenario, it’s a symptom of structural decay which undercuts the very conditions of working Lebanese Statehood. Hezbollah and its Shiite power rival, Nabih Berri, share the same division of labor: the instrumentalisation of State institutions as a platform for sectarian domination, plundering of public and private resources, clientelism and ultimate political subversion, on the crossroads between the inner and regional political realms.

 the premeditated assassination of the young peacekeeper highlights their utter disregard for the political and moral responsibilities which attach to our Statehood and UN membership, as a replica to the Islamic dictatorship in Iran and its discretionary belonging and self defeating ambivalence within the international community. We should reckon with the stated facts, as Lebanese, draw a final line on these deliberate departures, and decide whether it makes sense, onwards, to deal with these paradoxes, condone a flaunted mixture of criminality and terrorism, and fake a semblance of normality, at a time when the basics of Statehood, let alone Constitutional Statehood are undermined. One wonders, whether the ongoing political simulations are worth continuing, and to which extent they are helpful salvaging what’s left of Lebanese territorial Statehood.

Our inability to proceed with basic constitutional mandates gives evidence to the destructive equivocations of fictional Statehood and their deleterious consequences, starting with the mortal financial crises and their multiple cascading effects, and ending with the withering international status. Hence, the instrumentalisation of decaying Lebanese Statehood by Hezbollah and its allies, should be rejected as a political scenario and give way to an ultimate questioning, on whether the coexistence with this subversive political faction is worth considering, and whether the Shiites in Lebanon are willing to be part of the Lebanese commonwealth, with its Liberal and pluralistic credos and democratic institutions. We cannot navigate, further down the line, while perpetuating constitutional and political non sequiturs and adhering to fallacies, at a time when National fundamentals are thrashed and basics of livelihood are out of reach.