Elias Bejjani’s Video & Text Political Commentary: Aoun Prime Minister (1988) and Aoun President (2016): Both Products of Geagea’s Personal Greedy Agenda and Lack of Political Vision


Elias Bejjani’s Video & Text Political Commentary: Aoun Prime Minister (1988) and Aoun President (2016): Both Products of Geagea’s Personal Greedy Agenda and Lack of Political Vision
September 13 2002

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From the outset, there is no real difference between Dr. Samir Geagea on one hand, and  President Michel Aoun and his son-in-law, Jobran Bassil, on the other. All three leaders hail from one and the same narcissistic mold, entirely devoid of a national political vision, and their sole interest is lust for power and nothing else. Which is why their political journey has been one of failure with its assortments of catastrophes that have tormented the country for as long as anyone can remember.

Perhaps the single difference between them is that Aoun and his son-in-law have shed all pretenses by blindly subordinating themselves as servile dhimmis to Hezbollah, going so far as to declare their pride openly and shamelessly in doing so. Geagea for his part conceals himself under a cloak of virtuous chastity, all the while trying to outbid the other two in bootlicking Hezbollah under the “Riachi” table in his quest for power, as was apparent in his recent interview with Fadi Abu-Daya on Al-Jadid.

For how can Geagea be against Hezbollah, he who expressed shame in remembering the South Lebanon Army, and who doesn’t have the return of our heroic refugees in Israel as his priority? His shills in his corporate party of the Lebanese Forces, Inc. publicly say that the martyrs of both sides (theirs and Hezbollah’s) are of the same clay, that the Persian party is made of authentic Lebanese fabric that they – Geagea’s Lebanese Forces – are trying to bring back inside the Lebanese house, that Hezbollah has liberated the south, and that their goal is to resolve the conflict with it by dialogue. More dangerous than all of this is that they legitimize Hezbollah’s occupation and hegemony and its Iranian project for Lebanon, by claiming that it is possible to achieve change and liberation and the recovery of decision-making via constitutional mechanisms, including elections and such, while Hezbollah has hijacked the state, the constitution, the institutions, and the authority, and is the ultimate decision-maker.

Let us tease their selective memory by going back to 1988, when Geagea obstructed the presidential election to prevent Sleiman Frangiyeh Sr. from acceding to the presidency, thus allowing Aoun to become the Prime Minister of the military government. In 2016, Geagea cloned the same obstructionist and short-sighted scenario by pushing Aoun’s candidacy, backing him, and praising his glorious achievements. He then co-signed with Aoun the Me’raab Memorandum in which they divvied up the booty between themselves, again with the goal of preventing the accession of Sleiman Frangiyeh Jr. to the presidency.

Who knows what Geagea is scheming today to block one more time the election of Sleiman Frangiyeh Jr. to the presidency? Based on his record of recklessness, lack of vision and treasonous behavior, he might as well back the election of Jobran Bassil as president!!!

In sum, and with good conscience, we believe that the leadership of our Maronite parties, namely Geagea, Frangiyeh, Aoun, Bassil, Gemayel Sr. and Jr. are abject failures. They have not achieved anything positive to their community, and because of them and their egotism, Lebanon has fallen to occupation, disintegration, and alienation. They all have turned a blind eye to the international resolutions on Lebanon and have indeed become hostile to them, for the simple motive of appeasing Hezbollah.

One of the most preposterous and childish justifications for Geagea’s backing of Aoun’s candidacy to the presidency in 2016 was – according to Geagea’s mouthpieces and close associates – to deal a blow to Aoun’s popular aura and bring his downfall by exposing him. What a mind-blowing strategy!

But what is the solution?

First, we need to rid ourselves of those intellectually-challenged and treasonous leaders. We need leaders with a deep sense of duty and moral responsibility, proponents of sovereignty, who are simply Lebanese patriots. Leaders who request the international community to place Lebanon under Chapter VII of the UN Charter and declare it a failed state, and assign its governance entirely to the hands of the United Nations. Otherwise, Lebanon is condemned to remain a hopeless case.

Let us remember that Lebanon is a sacred shrine whose protection and defense fall to the Maronites. Since Maronite leaders have skirted their responsibilities in this patriotic sacred mission, Lebanon has collapsed and won’t rise from its limbo without the advent of honorable, pious, patriotic Maronite guardians who will defend and protect it.

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