Charles Elias Chartouni/Two Years and no Answer Yet: The Missing Terrorist Dot and the Arcanes of a Massacre/مقالة لشارل الياس شرتوني تتناول جريمة تفجير المرفأ بعد مرور سنتين، مع استمرار تجهيل المجرمين وما يلف المذبحة من غموض متعمد


Two Years and no Answer Yet: The Missing Terrorist Dot and the Arcanes of a Massacre
Charles Elias Chartouni/August 03/2022

Unsurprisingly, the proto-nuclear explosion at the Beirut Harbor (August 4, 2020) is still an undeciphered riddle: no identifiable actors, no legal scenarios, no culprits, no moral and legal accountability, no reconstruction scenarios, and worse the absence of a tangible course to address the uncouth mysteries and identify the unknown puppeteers. The Lebanese government, in the totality of its institutions, bears the responsibility of this intentional crime whose infrastructure, actors and complicities are well established, and goals quite distinctive: the upending of the urban and ecological dynamics of Eastern Beirut, as a prelude to an overall subversion strategy which aims at changing the national and political dynamics of an agonizing liberal democracy, which failed to uphold its credentials, amidst the upheavals of a failed autocratic, oligarchic and Totalitarian-proned Arab and Islamic modernity, and an imploding Middle East.The forensic and legal quandaries are the downside of a bankrupted Republic.

It’s no coincidence that the internationalization of the forensic investigation was initially dismissed by the oligarchic coalition, whose cronies are directly involved at every single step of the meticulously mounted crime (the landing of a ship with no legal and safety credentials, the longevity of the storage, the deficient security mesures, the rotating criminal managers and their clashing agendas, the absence of clear chain of command and subservience to Hezbollah’s mandates and symetric controls, and the criminal omissions which kept the deferring game run indefinitely its course…,.). The forestalling of the investigative and legal proceedings was initiated from the first hours, when the subservient government acquiesced to Hezbollah blatant obstructionism, rejection of international investigation, tampering with the crime scene, overruling of the respective judges, and control of the spurious judicial course, through the nomination of a lackey judge and the instrumentalization of the whole judiciary.

The political nature of this crime, far from being an ancillary investigation element, should be retained as one of the framing predicates of this carefully planned crime. The obstruction of justice is part of the overall landscape of an orchestrated unraveling plan targeting the rationales of Statehood and civil concord in our country. The moral apathy and psychotic callousness of the criminal oligarchy is no hazard, it’s part of the plot. There are no words of consolation to redeem the brutality and horrors of a premeditated crime, and there is no political horizon for justice to take place. We should stop fooling ourselves and start considering political and legal alternatives. Shiite fascism and its political accomplices are adamantly pursuing their design, and nothing is to be expected along the beaten tracks of a long dead Republic. It’s about time to change not only the course but the whole narrative, Justice lies somewhere else.