Elie Aoun/Sheikh Jichi, Khomeini, the CIA and Israel


Sheikh Jichi, Khomeini, the CIA and Israel
Elie Aoun/May 04/2022
In a recent speech, Sheikh Nazir Jichi referred to “the Zionist enemy which killed our people and committed massacres.” He also made a reference to religious leaders (Shiite, Sunni, or Christians) who are acting against their own communities, while wearing the religious robe.
Following please find twelve (12) pages from a CIA decalssified document, the “Tower Board Report” (pages B174 to B185). It proves the shipment of weaponry from Israel to Khomeini during the Iran-Iraq war.
This is a clear evidence that what Sheikh Jichi referred to applies to Khomeini himself – a religious man acting against his community, and furthering the Zionist plot of killing “our people” and committing massacres.
The Bible says: “My people were destroyed for lack of knowledge.”
Sheikh Jichi, and many other Hizballah and Khomeini followers, proclaim to be the “protectors” of Islam and consider Khomeini as a role model. In reality, Khomeini is a traitor. He allied with Israel to kill millions of Muslims. Since the “Islamic Republic of Iran” is founded on treason, all its “branches” (such as Hizballah) are an advancement of that treason. The sooner they recognize it, the better.
Since Hizballah’s model (Khomeini) is a traitor himself, we should not expect of the Hizballah leadership, wearing the religious robes, to be anything other than traitors to “our people.”
Following are the excerpts from the CIA decalssified report:

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