Charles Elias Chartouni/The Ukrainian Conflict between Crimes against Humanity and Stalemate/شارل الياس شرتوني: الصراع الأوكراني بين الجرائم ضد الإنسانية والطريق المسدود


شارل الياس شرتوني: الصراع الأوكراني بين الجرائم ضد الإنسانية والطريق المسدود
The Ukrainian Conflict between Crimes against Humanity and Stalemate
Charles Elias Chartouni/April 14/2022

The latest evolutions in Ukraine have amply demonstrated the fallacy of Putin’s Rhetoric, and his vain attempt at weaving a coherent narrative to justify this unwarranted bloodshed. The wanton destruction of Ukraine, the savage and indiscriminate bombardements of dense urban areas, train stations, sheltering theaters, civilian populations and nuclear sites, the collective massacres carried out in Mariupol, Ducha, and Kramatorsk train station, the usage of chemical weapons and fragmentation bombs, are altogether egregious examples which illustrate the terrorist nature of these deliberate and carefully planned war massacres, and their attending cortege of indiscriminate gang rape (women, children, elderly people), vandalism and marauding.

The moral depravity highlighted throughout this extremely destructive war was particularly illustrated in the crafted narrative (spurious strategic considerations-NATO beleaguerment, ethnic cleansing targeting Russians in the Donbas region, Nazi takeover, denial of reality….). The outright forgery was self defeating and plainly debunked, when the ultimate savagery and its nihilistic overtones unfolded at full length in the different sequences of this gruesome and pointless war. The bogging down of this war is no hazard, it’s the outcome of faked considerations, intentional misrepresentation, conspicuous miscalculations, and an overarching strategic goal which aims at the destruction of the post-Cold War geopolitics and the disruption of the EU and the Transatlantic alliance.

The Ukrainian resistance and political unity were quite effective containing the military offensive (10.000 dead Russian soldiers), displaying the weaknesses of a corrupt, undertrained and unmotivated Russian army, and the rickety foundations of a corrupt autocracy relying on islamist terrorists and criminal gangs. Putin’s last statement reflects his multiple equivocations, obvious deadlocks, inevitable downscaling of his military objectives (Donbas vs Ukraine), moral depravation and psychotic blinders (blaming massacres and random savagery on British staging and Ukrainian propaganda), and relegating Ukraine to the paltry status of a “frozen conflict”, which was aptly coined to portray his modus operandi in different operation theaters ( Georgia, Ukraine, Syria,Lybia…). When President Biden voiced his moral outrage and called for Putin downfall, he pointed in the right direction, since this war is the outcome of his deranged mind, moral delinquency and inability to reengage the consensuses of contemporary international civility. Putin is a dictator that should be firmly contained and overthrown, if Russia is to win back its chances of normalization and democratization.