Elias Bejjani: The Shiite Community in Lebanon is Kidnapped, a Hostage and a Victim, and not an Embracing Environment for Hezbollah, The Iranian Proxy


Elias Bejjani: The Shiite Community in Lebanon is Kidnapped, a Hostage and a Victim, and not an Embracing Environment for Hezbollah, The Iranian Proxy
Elias Bejjani/March 07/2022

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The hard, tough and miserable living conditions that the Lebanese Shiite community is encountering on daily bases, all over occupied Lebanon, confirms at all levels, and fields, and without any doubt, that the Iranian terrorist Hezbollah, is an Iranian military proxy from A to Z, and has nothing to do with Lebanon’s Shiites, or with any other Lebanese community.

 Actually, Hezbollah kidnaps and takes hostage the Shiite community, and falsely alleges that it is an embracing environment for the Iranian agenda of violence, terrorism, “Wilayat al-Faqih” Mullahs’ denominational doctrine, and expansionism schemes.

Hezbollah does not in reality pay any serious concern to the fate of the Shiite Lebanese community, in domains of safety, security and future, or otherwise it would not have placed this community in an exposed, fragile and dangerous circumstances, due to its blatant military interventions in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Gaza and numerous Arabian Gulf stated, especially, Saudi Arabia.

Hezbollah in Syria is fighting the Syrian people, openly siding with the criminal Assad regime, and doing the same thing in Yemen, Iraq, Gaza and in many other countries. If Hezbollah’s leadership really care about the fate and safety of the Shiite Lebanese community, it would have not stored its weapons caches in all Shiite villages and cities, (in residential areas) of Beirut (Dahea Sothern Suburb), south, Bekaa regions, and in other residential Shiite residential areas.

It is worth mentioning that Israel has several times posted on its official web sites an information bank that shows all the locations of Hezbollah’s weapons caches all over Lebanon.

Meanwhile, If Hezbollah cares about its Lebanese Shiite people, it would not have sent its men to be killed in Syria, in support of the criminal Syrian Assad Regime, where unofficial studies indicate the killing of nearly 4,000 young Shiites men there.

The infrastructure, social and economic services in all Lebanese Shiite villages and cities that are totally under the hegemony of Hezbollah are all very bad and extremely very primitive.

Based on all the above facts there is no embracing Shiite environment for Hezbollah in occupied Lebanon, but rather a hostage, a kidnapped and a victim community, and therefore it is the duty of the Lebanese state to liberate the Shiites from the Hezbollah captivity.

In conclusion, Hezbollah is a mere Iranian militant terrorist proxy, and has no embracing Shiite environment. In the same context, and when Lebanon is Liberated, and the UN resolutions are implemented, Hezbollah’s leadership and all its officials Must be charged, and put on trial for the crimes they have committed.

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