Charles Elias Chartouni: The Criminal Wanderings of a Paranoid Autocrat/شارل الياس شرتوني/ترهات اتوقراطية مجرمة


شارل الياس شرتوني/ترهات اتوقراطية مجرمة
The Criminal Wanderings of a Paranoid Autocrat
Charles Elias Chartouni/February 25/2022

“Though this be madness, yet there is method in it”(Shakespeare, Hamlet)

When listening to the fabulations of a criminal dictator, we are inevitably led to question the track records of the thirty two years which succeeded the debacle of communism and its disastrous legacy. What has been achieved, who achieved it, what has failed and who are those who failed, and try make sense of both scenarios. The blatant lies of Vladimir Putin are broadcasted through and through to cover up his criminal undertaking and its unwarranted pretexts. This whole web of lies needs to be deconstructed instantly in order to pave way for a clear sighted strategy that shortens the catastrophic fallouts of this unjustified war. Both Russians and Ukrainians didn’t buy into this thicket of official lies reminiscent of the tawdry Soviet propaganda that nobody bought in. The brazen lies of Putin failed convincing the Russians about the rationale behind this war, and made Ukrainians more determined to resist this unjustified criminal aggression.

While rehashing the old rhetoric of the communist era about the American imperialism design in Russia and its willingness to control it, he failed progressively to provide the evidence and make the various national constituencies endorse his humbug and psychotic ramblings. His usual reference to the “catastrophic”downfall of the Soviet Union fails to pinpoint the causes of its unraveling, while externalizing and shifting the blame away from the internal causes that led to the implosion of this empire built on ideological fallacies, State terror, disastrous governance and warmongering imperialism.

The ultimate failure of the Warsaw Pact was preceded by a legacy of national revolts (Czechoslovakia 1968, Hungary 1956, Poland 1989… ), Idiosyncratic paths (Yugoslavia, Rumania, Albania…) partaking of the same model of communist governance guided by communist secretary generals who successfully maneuvered away from Soviet subservience, and bungled international interventions in Afghanistan, Latin America, Africa and the Arab world. The Putin’s self delusion revolves around the myth of restoring the Soviet imperium, while relating to the targeted nations as if they were disposable aggregates that should unquestionably submit to his diktat.

The historical telescoping of Vladimir Poutine is the outcome of his paranoid worldview, intellectual paucity and the upbringing of a cynical KGB operative trained to kill, destroy the life of others and stage political ploys. This whole scenario about restoring the territorial integrity of the Soviet Russian empire, is a reverberation of a psychotic mind who succeeded transforming the Post-Cold War Russia into an “Animal Farm”, after destroying the different layers of an incipient civil society, where people are cowed through State terror, political assassination, and mafia economics. He was successful transforming the budding democratic institutions into simulacrums, eradicating the opposition and turning Russia into a panopticon controlled by a deranged autocrat. This whole tragedy is the unfolding of an unhinged dictatorship which transformed a whole country into the unwalled jail of wandering psychotic.

His choices do not reflect by any means the dynamics of an incrementally liberal civil society, and a new generation who has overcome the hang ups of a neurotic post-totalitarian society, and with diverging scaling of values and priorities. The Achilles heel of this reckless criminal undertaking is the deep antipathy developing at a meteoric pace towards the vagrancies of a profoundly deranged mind, his mafia coterie and the recycled red army leftovers .

The subterranean opposition developing in Russia, and the stoic attitude of a deeply aggrieved Ukrainian population are the true bulwark against this rampant criminality and its cascading imprints in Russia, Georgia, Ukraine and all along the demarcation lines of the imploded communist dystopia and its defunct legacy. This lunatic dictator who destroys deliberately the rules of international civility, disparages basic diplomacy, overlooks the historical and national legacies and does away with them as parentheses to be bracketed out, is the catalyst of rising and ongoing totalitarianisms, that should be countered and defeated unhesitatingly and with no soul searching.