Elias Bejjani/Helpless, But Hopeful


Helpless, But Hopeful
Elias Bejjani/November 27/2022

It is true I am helpless in seeing positives changes in the life of a person that I dearly love and care about.

It is true that I am helpless in giving this person a hand to pull him out from tons of his devastating self inflicted problems, because he does not want help, and does not seek it, and does not accept it.

It is true too that all other involved persons who love this individual and care much about him did all give up, and demand constantly that I do the same.

It is true that I might not be able to save this person from himself not now or in any time in the future.

But in spite of all these sad, traumatic, disappointing and unfortunate actual facts, I am still hopeful positive and solidly believe that Al Mighty God, our loving father is hearing my genuine prayers and He one day shall save this person and shower on him His generous graces of love, faith, forgiveness and wisdom.

The Holy Bible teaches us that when we pray with confidence, faith and believe in God’s mercy and love, He definitely hears our prayers and responds. But His response might be unseen or unidentified by us due to the fact His Wisdom and His ways are very different from ours.

I strongly believe that this sick person will be cured one day, and that Almighty God is listening to my prayers and to the prayers of all those who share my concerns, pains, agony and my heavy burden.

I am more than sure that Our Father, Almighty God shall help this sick person and take him out off the evil traps of temptation to which currently he a prey.

Jesus Christ teaches us that the righteous can not and must not lose hope no matter what the hardships are. How could they lose hope while they are still breathing and full of life?

The righteous live on hope even when they pass away and physically depart this earthly world and sleep on the hope of resurrection.

In God’s Love and Mercy I believe, on His shoulders I lay my burdens, and in His hand I leave all my problems.

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