Elias Bejjani/By Al Mighty God’s Will The Holy Lebanon Will Reclaim Its Confiscated Independence/لبنان القداسة، بإذن إذن الله سوف يتحرر ويسترد سيادته واستقلاله


By Al Mighty God’s Will Lebanon Will Reclaim Its Confiscated Independence
Elias Bejjani/November 22/2021

/لبنان القداسة، بإذن إذن الله سوف يتحرر ويسترد سيادته واستقلاله


Psalm 92:12: “The righteous will flourish like a palm tree, they will grow like a cedar of Lebanon”.
Today, the Lebanese back home in beloved Lebanon, as well as those living in Diaspora are all remembering with sadness, anger and frustration their country’s confiscated Independence Day. In reality, Lebanon is currently and since 2005 is totally occupied by Iran’s terrorist armed proxy, the notorious Hezbollah.

Although our beloved Lebanon is practically not independent and fully occupied by Hezbollah, but every sovereign, faithful and patriotic Lebanese is hopeful and fully confident that this era of terrorism, evilness, oppression and hardship is ultimately going to end. By God’s will Lebanon’s freedom spring is on the horizon.
Today Free and Patriotic Lebanese call on all the free and democratic countries to help in Liberating the land of the Holy Cedars.

Lebanon, the land of the Holy Cedars, and the 7000 years deeply rooted glory, holiness and history at the present time is sadly an occupied, impoverished, and oppressed country. The ferocious occupier, Hezbollah, is an evil force that portrays and simplifies all that is stone ages concepts.

This terrorist armed militia totally controls and by force confiscates Lebanon’s decision making process on all levels, and in all domains, including the peace and war one.

Meanwhile the majority of the Lebanese officials, as well as the politicians, are mere mercenaries appointed by Hezbollah, and like puppets carry its wishes and orders.

The USA and other democratic countries can help Lebanon, and the Lebanese people in reclaiming back their confiscated independence and stolen country through strong, loud and official practical stances, and not only by rhetorically routing on going statements.

Lebanon can only be helped by the immediate implementation of the three UN resolutions that addresses its crisis: the armistice agreement, 1559, 1701 and 1680

What every country must be aware off is that the Lebanese people, who are taken hostages are unable on their own to liberate their country without a real and clear practical support from the UN and all the democratic countries.

The Lebanese people want a prosperous, democratic, independent, fully sovereign, peaceful Lebanon, reliant (including for security) on effective, transparent government institutions subject to public accountability.
After liberation, and with the right government, officials and politicians in place, and with a solid renewed international support, Lebanon re emergence from dust and ruins should not be impossible to achieve.

Yes, that’s what the majority of Lebanese want and yarn for. But between now and then, there is a blocking force that is hindering and opposing moving Lebanon in that direction.

This evil force, the Hezbollah terrorist occupier is feared by many, and countering it has no local strategies, in official policies. Hezbollah is obstructing prosperity, reform, sovereignty, and protecting all kinds of corruption and corrupters

From our Diaspora, we hail and command the courageous and patriotic Lebanese citizens who bravely call Hezbollah by its actual name, an Iranian terrorist occupation army, no more no less.

May Almighty God bless, safeguard Lebanon and grant its oppressed people the power and will to free their country and reclaim it back from Hezbollah, the Iranian terrorist Occupier.

*Elias Bejjani
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