Charles Elias Chartouni: Dictators Delinquency and the New Cold War/شارل الياس شرتوني: جنوح الدكتاتوريين والحرب الباردة الجديدة


شارل الياس شرتوني: جنوح الدكتاتوريين والحرب الباردة الجديدة
Dictators Delinquency and the New Cold War
Charles Elias Chartouni/November 14/2021

The manufactured refugee crisis on the Belarusian-Polish border highlights the anomic nature of the new Cold War, the volatility of strategic interfaces, and their pliability to the malevolence of vagrant dictators who are ready to contrive artificial crises in order to uphold their decaying legitimacy. What’s striking is the coordination with their kins all across the geopolitical spectrums.

The Belarusian dictator A.Lukashenko engineered a political crisis at the heart of the European Union when he managed to organize planned flights between Damascus and Minsk for migrants in coordination with the Syrian regime. These groups were forwarded directly to the Polish borders equipped with wire cutters to force their way across the border to EU territories.

This elaborate maneuver was orchestrated deliberately by the dictator to sway the EU after retaliatory sanctions were adopted to penalize the wave of domestic repression and State terrorism. While counting on the tacit support of Vladimir Putin, the latter was unhappy about the impact of the cynical machinations on Russian -EU relationships, especially when Lukashenko was intent on manipulating the gas and strategic issues to this end.

The firm stand of the European community behind Poland, in spite of the blatant political differences with the Polish coalition in power, demonstrated the unwillingness of the European community to fall back into the conventional traps masterminded by dictators trying to evade their nemeses, and instrumentalize the blackholes of a fractured world order.

These new derfrauding schemes are quite hazardous and should be firmly countered if the international community were to avoid abrupt crises and the downgrading of its security thresholds. The disparagement of the international rules by hard pressed dictators is symptomatic of the new Cold War rising normlessness , and the challenge of common institutional platforms and norms of international civility.