Elias Bejjani/Hardened hearts, Poor insights, and death of consciences


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Hardened hearts, Poor insights, and death of consciences
Elias Bejjani/November 13/2021

Jesus said, “For judgment I am come into this world, that they which see not might see; and that they which see might be made blind.” (John 09/39)

Undoubtedly, our beloved occupied Lebanon has been going through extremely harsh and difficult times for several years.

Sadly, the great and bright Lebanon has been by force replaced by everything that is not Lebanese, because of the hegemony and occupation imposed by the terrorist Iranian Armed proxy, Hezbollah.
The savage and cancerous Iranian occupation has hit badly all sets of norms, values, faith and the basic foundations of patriotism.

In bid to cajole and appease the occupier, many Lebanese individuals and groups chose to be blind in both heart and insight.

What actually is disastrous the most, lies in the fact that many Lebanese are not able any more to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong.

Therefore, they live in a complete cognitive darkness, far from God and His teachings. They fell into the traps of sin, and became enemies of their own sacred homeland, Lebanon. They sided with the Iranian occupier and abandoned their fellow citizens who are impoverished, persecuted and tortured.

As a result of this terrifying “faith abandonment,” many of our people, leaders, and political parties have become role models to every thing that is shame, surrender, and corruption.

Self inflicted atrocities in thinking and acts are no longer confined to the majority of the corrupted leaders, who sold themselves to the demons of occupation because of selfishness and greed, but are also prevalent among large segments of our citizens.

In the same frames of defamation and obscenity of standards, we find that many free Lebanese people and true believers in sovereignty, freedoms, identity, and the deeply rooted history of Lebanon are subjected to unfair official and judicial harassment and persecution.

This sad reality exposes the shame of many politicians, and the so-called leaders who replicate the evil acts of those who bet on the clothes of Christ and shared them after His crucifixion .
However, despite all sorts of abandonment, disbelief and denial, the free and the faithful among our people and leaders, although they are few, will ultimately leaven the dough of the whole nation, and return it to where it was, and to where it should be.

Those free and patriotic Lebanese citizens, and despite all the harassments that befall them, shall continue to resist stubbornly, relying on God’s will, who made Lebanon His temple and blessed it with dozens of saints.
It remains, that currently the rudder of the ship of our mother country, Lebanon is held and controlled by wicked shepherds, leaders, politicians and officials who not wise, blind and not insightful.

Lebanon’s corrupted Leaders, officials and politicians have fallen into the devil’s temptations because of their lack of faith, hope greediness, and accordingly put our sacred Lebanon into all kinds of dangers, hazards and difficulties.

In summary, when a blind person leads another blind person, both will definitely fall into the pit . Therefore, what is required of our people, for the sake of their salvation and the salvation of our country, is that they do not put their support behind blind leaders with hardened hearts, poor insights, and death of consciences, and the same time stand tall to say No to all kinds of earthly temptations.

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