Elias Bejjani/The Inevitable Death should not be absent from our calculations and actions


The Inevitable Death should not be absent from our calculations and actions
Elias Bejjani/May 28/ 2021

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It is wise and prudent for every person on this earth not to lose sight of the inevitable death reality fate under any circumstance. At the same time each and every person must realize that all earthy riches will remain in this mortal universe

Accordingly no human being, no matter how great or high is his social status, or magnified his wealth will be able to carry any of the perishable mortal riches (money, possessions, authority etc) to the other immortal world.

All that a person can carry the to the God’s heavenly court (Last Day Of Judgment) is only and only his/her acts either being righteous or wicked.

With the last breath of air a person inhales, which is Godly gift of life the soul departs from the mortal human body that instantly becomes motionless corpse, cold and loses all sign of life.

And just as The Lord God has created the human body from ashes to ashes it returns …dust to dust.

The ultimate and inevitable fate of the earthly human body is an easy prey to the worms – maggots that are within it.

As for the soul, it is the one who will stand before its Creator, Al Mighty God on the Day of Final Judgment, to face the court of heaven and the rulings of its Judge, the Lord.

Either this soul’s position could to the right of the Lord and accordingly joyfully is invited to enter into the kingdom of God and into his heavenly dwellings, or will be on the left and therefore shall be thrown into the fire of Hell, where fire is not extinguished, and worms do not rest, and the torment is eternal.

Hence, wisdom dictates and requires that every human being be fully aware of the inevitable destiny, which is death, no matter how great the social status is or the riches are magnified.

In conclusion, It is crucial that a person does not forget or turn a blind eye to the fact that death is an inevitable fate no matter what.

Therefore human beings are supposed to live their earthly life with mere humility, love, forgiveness, faith, hope, righteousness fear of God, and in accordance as much as possible with the Bible’s holy teachings.

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