Elias Bejjani/Joe Bijani’s Assailants Are Those who Occupy Lebanon/الذين اغتالوا جو بجاني هم من يحتلون لبنان


Joe Bijani’s Assailants Are Those who Occupy Lebanon
Elias Bejjani/December 22/2020
الذين اغتالوا جو بجاني هم من يحتلون لبنان

With humility, reverence, sorrow, sadness, anger, as well as with love, faith, hope and fear of God our prayers go for Mr. Joe Bejjani’s soul to rest in eternal peace.

We ask Almighty God to accept Joe’s soul in His heavenly dwellings beside the righteous and saints where there is only peace, joy, and Hymns.

Our genuine and heartily felt condolences go to Joe’s wife, two daughters, family, friends, and to all our beloved El Kahali families.

Joe was brutally murdered yesterday morning with a silenced pistol by a number of hooded professional killers in his own town “El Kahali” while he was getting into his care to drive his two daughters to school and then head to his work at Alfa telecommunication company.

Joe was a talented photographer, a hard working young man, and a devoted peaceful loving husband and father who had no known enmities with any body. He and his family were in the final process to immigrate to Canada.

The assailants reportedly stole Joe’s mobile cellular phone before leaving the crime scene which means that he apparently knew something, or most probably had on his phone photos related to the Beirut Port explosion crime that the masters of the assailants didn’t want to come to light.

It is worth mentioning that Joe was recently acclaimed for his pictures of the aftermath of the Beirut port explosion crime.

This heinous crime that has to do with Beirut’s port horrible explosion is the third one.

Three years ago colonel Samir Skaf was killed, and few weeks ago his friend and colleague retired army colonel Munir Abu Rajeli, was found dead at his home in another murder that shocked the country.

Both victims worked at Beirut port customs service in their capacity as Lebanese Army officers and both had in a way or another extensive knowledge about the Ammonium nitrate that caused the port’s explosion.

In analysis, all proves, documents and incidents indicate that the murderer and terrorist who killed Joe Bejjani yesterday is most probably the same one who occupies Lebanon, assassinated all March 14th coalition martyrs, blow up Beirut’s port , imported the Ammonium nitrate and systematically is devouring Lebanon and its institutions piece by piece in a bid to topple Lebanon’s regime and replace it by a replicate of the Iranian Mullahs’ Islamic dictatorship.

In summary, The Iranian Occupier, killer and terrorist will ultimately face the same fate of defeat, and humiliation that all invaders and occupiers of Lebanon had faced all through 6000 years because Lebanon is rooted in history, and its blessed land belongs to God, “God’s endowment”. And also because the Lebanese people, are the guardians of the Temple, which is Lebanon, the Land of the holey cedars.

Joe Bejjani Rest In Peace your killers will be accountable for their brutal crime.

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Background Data
Lebanon: murder of photographer Joe Bejjany sparks outrage
Gareth Browne/The National/December 21/2020
Father on school run was shot repeatedly by hooded men on motorcycle
A Lebanese photographer was shot to death by hooded men on Monday morning as he prepared to take his children to school. CCTV footage leaked to local media shows Joe Bejjany getting into his car outside his home in the mountain village of Kahaleh, about 13km from Beirut.
As he prepares to drive off, two men arrive on a motorcycle and approach the car. They open the driver’s door and shoot Bejjany several times with silenced pistols. The men then flee off-camera on foot. They are still at large. Lebanon’s state news agency said Bejjany died of his wounds in the nearby Saint Charles Hospital. His death sparked outrage in the country. Bejjany previously worked in the telecommunications sector but had recently found work as a photographer, including for the Lebanese army. The village’s mayor, Jean Bejjany, said CCTV footage indicated the involvement of a third suspect, and demanded an investigation that would reveal the motives for the murder within 48 hours. He said that Bejjany had no personal issues and was well liked and said that locals would begin blocking the roads in protest if the culprits were not identified quickly.
Locals told The National that within hours of the murder, villagers were attempting to block the nearby Beirut-Damascus motorway, while the church bells rang out in tribute. Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces told The National that they had begun an investigation, but there was no information yet regarding the motives or identities of the attackers. Michel Moawad, a former MP, tweeted that the murder risked exacerbating the decline of the Lebanese state. “The security and judicial agencies, as well as every official, must hasten to uncover the perpetrators and their backgrounds and impose the most severe penalties on them to avoid a return to the logic of self-defence and the complete dissolution of what remains of the state.” Bejjany was recently acclaimed for his pictures of the aftermath of the Beirut port explosion. The “About Me” section of his professional website shows him posing in front of a Humvee. A description reads: “This hobby has changed my perception of the world. My observation of things seems to go beyond their physical beauty.”The attack came just weeks after a colonel in Lebanon’s customs service, Munir Abu Rajeli, was found dead at his home in another murder that shocked the country. The attacks are not believed to be linked.

Gunmen Shoot Man inside His Vehicle in Kahale
Naharnet/December 21/2020
Unidentified gunmen shot dead a man on Monday morning in front of his house in Aley’s town of Kahale, media reports said. The victim identified as Joseph Bejjani, was killed with a silenced pistol, said the reports. He sustained a bullet to his head and another in his chest. Bejjani was about to ride his vehicle to take his children to school when two gunmen approached his vehicle and shot him dead, so showed surveillance cameras in the area. Footage showed them fleeing to an unknown destination.
Reports said the victim used to work at a telecommunications company, but currently worked as a certified photographer for the Lebanese Army. The assailants reportedly stole his mobile cellular phone. Later during the day, families and residents of Kahale area blocked the road in protest at the “unruly” security situation in the country, demanding “accountability.”

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