Elias Bejjani/Absurdity Of  Any Presidential Or parliamentary elections While Hezbollah Is still Occupying Lebanon/عقم وسخافة أية انتخابات رئاسية أو برلمانية في ظل احتلال حزب الله


Absurdity Of  Any Presidential Or parliamentary elections While Hezbollah Is still Occupying Lebanon
Elias Bejjani/December 01/2020

الياس بجاني: عقم وسخافة أية انتخابات رئاسية أو برلمانية في ظل احتلال حزب الله

It is so disappointing to know that Lebanon, in its present and near past history, did not know a president who is a mere failure as is the case of  self-centered Michel Aoun.

This man does not have any of the needed gifts and traits of leadership, nor he comprehends the meaning of what is faith or fear from the day of  Judgment.

Likewise, since independence and before that era Lebanon has not seen a parliament whose the majority of its  members are castrated politically, morally, ethically and courage wise.

Despite of this disastrous status quo of both the presidency and the parliament, is it possible while Hezbollah is still occupying the country to replace either the president or the parliament’s 128 members with efficient and sovereign substitutes? Definitely not !!

Let us assume that in case President Aoun did voluntarily resign or if even he was forced to step down what will happen?

There is no doubt that Hezbollah who controls the parliamentary majority and forces its hegemony on the country will appoint a president who might be much, much worse than Aoun.

The same  scenario will apply to any parliamentary elections as long as Hezbollah is hijacking the country and taking it a hostage.

Hence, the Maronite politicians, activists and political party leaders in particular who are calling for the resignation of Michel Aoun, or for an early parliamentary elections, in their majority and by all standards are either “Arabized” and not Lebanese in their evil and covert motives, or mere merchants, scribes, and Pharisees with a narcissistic ideology and a mere total Tunnel Vision.

Meanwhile, those who are “Arabized” as well as those who are narcissistic, both selfishly share the same Tunnel Vision mentality, and all what they hope for is to either have a shot on the presidency post, or to increase the numbers of their parliamentary members.

In order to further demean, ridicule, and expose the personal agendas of the Maronite leaders, politicians, and owners of the political parties who are calling for Aoun’s resignation, and for an early parliamentary elections, we remind them, as well as the public, of their on going sovereign-patriotic sins, stupidity, selfishness, and lack of vision that made it possible for Aoun and his son-in-law to be where they are.

In conclusion, there are no solutions, being big or small, and in any field or on any level, under Hezbollah’s occupation.

Likewise, there is no value or any actual patriotic benefits from any presidential or parliamentary elections while Hezbollah occupies and total dominated the country on all ruling levels.

The priority for each and every free and patriotic Lebanese must at the present time the focus only on the implementation of UN Resolutions that address Lebanon’s crisis, namely the Armistice Agreement with Israel,  and the UN resolutions,1559, 1701,1680 .

Note: What does it mean to say that this person has a tunnel vision?
If you say that someone has a tunnel vision, then you mean that he is only focusing on achieving a specific goal and not noticing or thinking about anything else.


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