Yair Ravid/Dealing With Islamic Terrorism In Europe/ يائير رافيد-أبو داود: كيفية التعامل مع الإرهاب الإسلامي في أوروبا/مقطع من كتابه الصادر سنة 2016


Dealing With Islamic Terrorism In Europe
Yair Ravid/November 04/2020
يائير رافيد-أبو داود: كيفية التعامل مع الإرهاب الإسلامي في أوروبا/مقطع من كتابه الصادر سنة 2016

Excerpt from Yarid Ravid Book “Window to the backyard” that was published in 2016

Muslim immigrants who have settled and established themselves in a large number of European countries and in the USA. These Muslims left their failing fatherlands in the Middle East and in Africa, and settled in Europe and in the US, where they were welcomed with open arms.

Instead of grasping the golden opportunity granted them with both hands and building themselves and their children a promising new future, those same Muslims preferred to ensconce themselves in the Islamic ghettoes they quickly established.

They have preferred to preserve their fundamentalist habits and laws, to perpetuate the failure they brought with them from their countries of origin, and spin dreams of turning those western countries into Islamic clones, where Sharia law will take over the laws of their host countries.

Note the recent spate of violence in Sweden, the beheaded British soldier in London, the murder of a French soldier by Islamic fundamentalists in Paris, the murderous bombing attacks at the 2013 Boston marathon, and more recently, the murder of the staff of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

These are all indications that the US and Europe are going to pay dearly for their irresponsible immigration policy. The mass demonstration in Paris against terrorism has not left a lasting impression on terrorists, and were I in the shoes of the Paris Police commissioner, I would increase the protection of the Eiffel tower.

Add to this the daily beheadings of western citizens, and mass executions of Muslims, Christians, and Yazidis, the rape of women and girls which are carried out by members of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in Syria and Iraq, who have been knocking on the doors of Lebanon, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

And please take note, this is only the beginning. ISIL will not be satisfied with the takeover of the Muslim countries, for their far-reaching goal is that Islam rule the world.

I suggest to the readers not to observe this phenomenon through the eyes of Western cultural thought, but to try thinking the way these ISIL members think and act.

In their view, the dimension of time has no value. For them the struggle may continue a year, half a century, or ten generations.

The death toll among their people has no importance. The place of every dead jihadist will be filled by another three new volunteers. This is a culture that sanctifies death, and which promises its people who die in battle 72 virgins.

Its people are driven not only by religious fervor, but also, especially the younger men, by strong sexual impulses. These people live in conservative communities which restrict any contact and connection between the genders, and the thought of 72 virgins and the promise this holds gives them impetus to fight.

Of all the factors mentioned above, we would be wise to remember that in such organizations there have always been people who make a fortune and get rich on the backs of the fighters. These people have a vested interest in encouraging and fueling the continued fighting.

Most of the young Muslims living in western countries who volunteered to join ISIL are people consumed by anger and bitterness resulting from their failure to integrate into western society. They perceive a return to their religion and their war against the “infidels” as a kind of revenge.

For many years, the state of Israel faced and fought alone against the murderous Arab terrorism, without any real backing from western countries, which were careful to take an ambiguous stand toward rampant Arab terrorism.

This attitude originates in a notion that as long as this terrorism does not hurt them, but harms only Israel and the Jews, they can suffice in condemning terrorism, immediately balancing their condemnation with statements regarding Israel’s responsibility for the terrorism because it is ostensibly an occupying power.

The West, headed by the American hypocritical liberals, is not yet free from its illusions, and continues to spread the ridiculous notion that events such as the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, or the attempted takeover of the Muslim world by ISIL and the desire to impose an Islamic caliphate on the world, are a result of the (so called) Israeli occupation.

Lo and behold, the fools believe that this guarantees that Israel will give the Palestinians independence, and world peace will come. And I tell them, if you want to live and preserve your heritage and way of life, you must quickly disillusion yourselves and understand that the world is in a deep cultural and physical world war, and that the West should mobilize in full force and fight.

Statements, declarations and aerial attacks will not resolve the problems. There is no room for compromise. As someone who has dealt with Arab and Islamic terrorism his entire adult life, I firmly state: there can be no compromise with terrorists. If you don’t eliminate terrorism, terrorism will destroy you. At the same time, I would recommend that you reconsider your reckless immigration policy if you want to live.



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