Charles Elias Chartouni/Islamism and the Pathological Derivatives of a Modern Evil/شارل الياس شرتوني: الإسلاموية والمشتقات المرضية لشر حديث


Islamism and the Pathological Derivatives of a Modern Evil
Charles Elias Chartouni/September 18/2020
شارل الياس شرتوني: الإسلاموية والمشتقات المرضية لشر حديث

لاجئ تونسي اسلامي اصولي يطعن حتى الموت الراهب الإيطالي المكرس
حياته وجهوده والرعية التي يتولاها في أيطاليا لمساعدة الفقراء واللاجئين

The stabbing of an Italian priest, Don Roberto
Malgesini ( 51 ) by a Tunisian undocumented refugee Mahmoudi Ridha ( 53 ) brings us back to the dilemmas of Muslim migration and its instrumentalization by radical Islam, from a double perspective: the deliberate destabilization strategies through terrorism and sectarian secessionism, and the usage of Islam as a catalyst for ethno-pathological outbursts and anomic behavior. Don Roberto was an angel who dedicated his ministry to the service of the poor and the migrants in his parish of San Rocco in the city of Como, and one can hardly imagine why such a heinous crime would target him.

The meekness of Don Roberto testifies to the loftiness of the Catholic ministry to the refugees but unveils simultaneously the normative discrepancies which are hobbling the integration and normalization of Muslim migration in Western Democracies.

Aside from the personal drama, this terrorist act displays the ethno-pathologies of Muslim migration, and the attempt of Islamism to transform it into a platform of normalized criminality, societal marginality and normlessness and a lever of political subversion.

This appalling tragedy should make us, once again, alert to the political, psychological and sociological dimensions of an unregulated migration and its impelling dynamics: the implosion of the Arab world, the systemic unraveling of its political textures and the disruptive consequences of a failed Islamic and Arab modernity.

This state of helplessness and resignation towards the disintegration of the Middle East, is too dangerous to be left to the clashing Muslim imperialisms, the grim interpretations of Contemporary Islam piloted by Sunnite and Shiite radicalism, and the ongoing entropies of a shipwrecked geo-political and civilizational configuration.

What a tragedy to witness the end of a ministry of unconditional love and service to the “ least of these brothers of Mine “ ( Matthew, 25/ 40 ), the poor and the forsaken will miss you Don Roberto