Elias Bejjani: Aoun And Geagea Are Two Iscariotic, Corrupted and Cancerous Politicians/عون وجعجع هما سرطان يضرب ويدمر المجتمع المسيحي منذ 30 سنة


Aoun And Geagea Are Two Iscariotic, Corrupted and Cancerous Politicians
Elias Bejjani/September 16/2020

عون وجعجع هما سرطان يضرب ويدمر المجتمع المسيحي منذ 30 سنة

Sadly Lebanon in general and the Lebanese Christian community in particular have been afflicted for the last thirty years and evilly hit by two corrupted, psychopathic and cancerous politicians, Samir Geagea and Michael Aoun.

This cancerous political Iscariot dual knows nothing except hunger for power, hatred, grudges, narcissism, wars, and grandiose delusions.
Both have a personality of a destructive-aggressive psychopath, and accordingly have been for the last thirty years intentional destroying the Lebanese Christian communities by all means and in all domains.

Their hunger for power, and their evil on going wars have killed thousands of Lebanese Christians, and led to the political marginalization of the Christians’ role in their own country.

Not only have they killed and killed with a dead conscience, but they also have forced thousands and thousands of the Christian communities to leave Lebanon and settle in other countries.

Aoun and Geagea are mere destructive dictators, and in reality and actuality, much, much worse than any Mafiosi in any rogue country.

During the last thirty years they did not sow in the Lebanese Christian communities except Trojanism, escaiotism, grudges, hatred, wars, and the subservience sheep like mentality among their politically castrated followers.

In summary Christian communities in Lebanon will know no peace among themselves, or with other Lebanese communities as long as these two narcissists,  psychopathics and mere political thugs are in control .

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