Elie Aoun: Letter to Khamenei and the Iranian Ambassador/ايلي عون: رسالة إلى الخامنئي وسفيره في لبنان


Letter to Khamenei and the Iranian Ambassador
Elie Aoun/September 08/2020
ايلي عون: رسالة إلى الخامنئي وسفيره في لبنان

A meeting took place at the Iranian Embassy in Beirut between Hizballah’s Hassan Nasrallah and Palestinian Hamas leader Ismael Haniyeh. It is obvious that both parties – acting with Iran’s support – are renewing their intent to jointly use Lebanon as a launching ground for attacks against Israel.

Firstly, the role of an embassy is to be a point of contact between two countries. It has no authority to hold meetings of parties (foreign and domestic) which intend to use the country as a base for military activities – and under the guidance of the embassy’s government. The meeting between Nassrallah and Haniyeh, and their objectives, constitute a trespass on Lebanese sovereignty and a violation of an embassy’s legitimate responsibility and duties.

As free Lebanese, we say to your Iranian regime: you have to respect our sovereignty.

If you cannot do so, we do not only ask, but we demand from you to close your embassy in Beirut and take your ambassador back to Tehran. You are not welcomed in our country.

If Iran has a war with Israel, go wage it on your own – and not through proxies at Lebanon’s expense.

And if your missiles are sufficient to destroy Israel, as you claim, why would you need missiles on Lebanese soil? Use your own from your own land.

Secondly, your declared animosity with Israel is dishonest. As you know, it was the CIA that helped Khomeini attain power in Iran.

It was Israel that played a role in sending weapons to the Iranian regime in its war against Iraq, in what was called the Iran-Contra Affair.

In other words, your regime received weapons from Israel to kill other Muslims.

If Israel is an enemy, as you claim, what makes your regime deal with an enemy of Islam to kill Muslims, and to destabilize Lebanon who has done nothing wrong against Iran or Palestine?

If you consider yourselves to have ethical standards, then let us know what these standards are.

As individuals, we do not see a logic in a so-called “Islamic Republic” killing Muslims and undermining nations where Muslims live – if that is honestly what you care about. Based on the results of your actions, you are con-artists.

Thirdly, the 1949 Lebanese-Israeli General Armistice Agreement prohibits the use of military force “in the settlement of the Palestine question.” Although that agreement has been violated on various occasions, it is still a commitment that was made by the Lebanese and Israeli governments. Those who live on Lebanese soil (as well as the Israeli side) must abide by it. That includes all Iranian-controlled proxies in the country.

Those who live on Lebanese territory, and cannot respect its laws, are free to relocate to another country. Lebanon has done no harm to Palestine, and the Palestinians must cease all causes of harm to Lebanon. Our hospitality is not an authorization for you to undermine the security of our country.

Fourthly, there are many signed agreements between Israel and the Palestinian authorities. If they have no intention to observe these agreements, then let them void these agreements prior to threatening one another with military actions. It is not the trait of real men to enter into an agreement to do one thing and then act in an opposite manner.

Finally, if you, Khamenei, consider yourself to be a man of dignity, then be so and respect the country that has done nothing wrong to you. Stop using Lebanese traitors to advance your agenda. Advance whatever agenda you want, at your own expense, and leave Lebanon alone.