Charles Elias Chartouni: President Macron and the Pitfalls of a Salvational Mediation/الرئيس ماكرون ومزالق ومآزق مهمة وساطته الإنقاذية


President Macron and the Pitfalls of a Salvational Mediation
Charles Elias Chartouni/September 04/2020
الرئيس ماكرون ومزالق ومآزق مهمة وساطته الإنقاذية

The conjectures around the French mediation have abounded and elicited controversial interpretations in both France and Lebanon.

Whatever might be the political ciphers assigned to this risky undertaking, it has helped Lebanon break out of the imposed claustration, the political and economic foreclosures set by Hezbollah and oligarchic coalitions, and an engineered coup d’état which aims at deconstructing Lebanon’s national narrative and its institutional framing.

Hezbollah, its acolytes and opportunist partners are instrumentalizing the systemic crises, which have taken place throughout the last eleven months, to promote their alternative ideological script and bargaining leverage, and move on with a forceful takeover through the rigging of successive cabinet formations, a deliberate stonewalling on strategic financial reforms ( forensic audit, debt negotiations, overhauling of the banking sector, and jump starting the deadlocked economy …. ).

The timely French intervention has braked the ongoing slippery slope without putting an end to it, since Hezbollah tries to outmaneuver it, buy time, pursue its insidious control of the institutional conglomerate, and prepare the path to a bloody steamrolling.

Rather than confronting the French through its conventional terrorist repertoire ( while making obvious insinuations in this direction through its Secretary General ), Hezbollah and its opportunist coalition are trying to outsmart the French presidential mediation through simulated gestures of cooperation, to deflect pressure, prevent sanctions from tightening the screws and hitting the widespread oligarchic cesspool, and eventually lure their way back to the international financial markets.

The personal venturing of President Macron and its conditional Western backing ( EU and the USA ) are quite salvational in a critical situation like ours, but should be assorted with a cautionary tale: the genuine move towards Lebanon is marred with multiple hazards, the cynicism of a delinquent political oligarchy and a subversive Shiite militancy mainly interested in their survival, and the active pursuit of their respective predatory strategies.

The French presidential lonesome venturing should broaden its supportive platform, reckon with the lurking sabotaging dynamics, the spurious partnerships and the political meandering of a devious totalitarian millenarism.

The ultimate reservation emanates from the overwhelming regional power politics ( Iranian, Turkish, Saudi …. ) and their incidence on the framing of Lebanese agendas.

Shiite fascism (Hezbollah and acolytes) seems to favor Lebanon’s systemic unraveling, oligarchs are determined to safeguard their spoils, and the institutional political choreography highlighted through the formation of ghost cabinets, are part of a panoply of conventional fraud scenarios.

This subversion pushing its way amidst the rubbles of an imploded regional order, and a terrorist attack aimed at remodeling the strategic and urban landscapes of Lebanon and Greater Beirut, is no coincidence.

It takes sanctions to impose systemic reforms, sway obdurate malevolence, and destroy the unswerving dynamics of an outright totalitarian subversive strategy.