Elie Aoun: Lies and Terrorism: From Beirut to Washington/ايلي عون: كذب وإرهاب من بيروت إلى واشنطن


Lies and Terrorism: From Beirut to Washington
Elie Aoun/September 01/2020
ايلي عون: كذب وإرهاب من بيروت إلى واشنطن

The truth shall make us free. That is why, the truth is often the first casualty in order to keep the public in bondage.

We are told that a group of FBI agents are in Lebanon, supposedly to investigate the cause of the terrorist act that took place on August 4, 2020.

However, before the FBI investigates the Beirut Port explosion or attack, were they honest in their investigation of 9/11?

The federal agency which lacks the courage to speak the truth regarding the United States will also lack the courage to speak the truth regarding Lebanon.

On September 11, 2001, CNN’s reporter was saying that a passenger airplane hit the Pentagon.

While watching the CNN footage, my first question was: where is the plane?

Based on what the CNN cameraman was showing us, there was no passenger plane on the ground of the Pentagon and no bodies of passengers – but few injured individuals who were working in the Pentagon.

I knew a lady who knew someone at the Pentagon. I requested from her to ask him about the whereabouts of the passenger plane. He told her: “Due to the strong impact, the plane and the passengers disappeared.”

Political criminality does not exist only in Lebanon. It is everywhere, and it is the role of that criminal enterprise to protect its network – in more than one country.

After all, it was President Kennedy who warned us: “We are opposed AROUND THE WORLD by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy.” The effective weapon against that conspiracy is the truth.

Government “officials” can say whatever lies they choose, and millions of people will believe them. However, with regard to 9/11, the truth is and remains: there was no wreckage of a passenger plane on the ground of the Pentagon that day. Therefore, whatever happened, it was not the result of a passenger plane hitting the Pentagon. There was wreckage of a small unmanned aerial vehicle, and a video showing Defense Minister Rumsfeld carrying a portion of it himself, after the impact took place.

We were also told that another plane, supposedly intended to hit the White House, was shot down or fell over Philadelphia. The news footage of the indicated location in Philadelphia did not show the wreckage of any plane. All that we saw is a hole in the ground.

With regard to the Twin Towers in New York, we were told that they fell as a result of the jet fuel “heat” melting the steel of the towers.

Firstly, the steel of high-rise buildings does not melt by the fire of burning fuel – which does not cause high enough temperature to melt the steel.

Secondly, did the heat also melt the concrete?

Thirdly, the engineers take into consideration the possibility of a plane hitting a high rise building. They build them in a way to withstand a plane’s impact.

Fourthly, a 110 story-building does not fall in ten seconds on its base because of a temporary fire. Furthermore, a third building, called building 7, also fell within 5 seconds – and the official lie is “due to fire.”

The only reason the twin towers and Building 7 fell is beca use of controlled demolition – the demolition of the building by means of explosives. That, of course, was not the work of Bin Laden, but elements within the United States.


One lesson we have learned is that no major terrorist event takes place in any country (whether the U.S. or Lebanon) without the involvement of certain elements from that country’s intelligence services and certain high level members in the government.

Although there are many patriotic individuals, it is a fact that the upper hierarchy of the U.S. military establishment, intelligence network, CIA, FBI, Congressional members, media personnel, etc. have acquiesced to a lie and lack the courage to speak the truth. Some have simply walked away from the public scene rather than challenge the false “official” story. Why?

What is this criminal enterprise that controls the United States, and for what purpose it acts in this manner? Even those who claim to be against U.S. foreign policy (such as Russia, Iran, and China) make no public effort to expose the truth behind the 9/11 event.

As we recall Kennedy’s words that “we are opposed AROUND THE WORLD,” we recognize that most major governments are not on the side of truth. As a result, none of the major countries will be honest regarding what happened at the Beirut Port.

Regardless of what the FBI finally says (if they say anything) about the Beirut Port, their politics and agenda necessitates that the real truth be suppressed and that the “criminal enterprise” be protected.

What is relevant for us is to know the truth. Logic says that a high rise building does not fall in 10 seconds because of a fire at the upper part of the building, that a passenger airline jet did not crash at a location where the wreckage of that jet does not exist, and ammonium nitrate does not explode by itself without certain individuals INTENTIONALLY combining with it the elements necessary to transform it into a devastating bomb (and possibly trigger the explosions with missiles).

The following video is an example of how a controlled demolition is done. The World Trade Centre buildings on 9/11 fell in a similar manner and at a similar speed.