Elie Aoun: Dialogue And The Chocolate Factory/إيلي عون: الحوار ومعمل الحلويات


Dialogue And The Chocolate Factory
Elie Aoun/June 25/2020
إيلي عون: الحوار ومعمل الحلويات

ملخص المقالة/الطبقة السياسة في لبنان فاشلة ومغربة عن الناس ولا تعرف كيف تتعامل مع المشاكل والأزمات التي يواجهها لبنان.. وكيف يمكنها أن تحل أي مشكل وهي من تسببت به. ولو افترضنا أن تشرشل وديغول وتوماس جيفرسون انفسهم شاركوا في الحوار مع هذه الطبقة السياسية اللبنانية فلن تأخذ من افكارهم وطروحاتهم النيرة غير ما يناسب مصالحها الذاتية وليس مصالح لبنان وشعبه. أنها طبقة فاشلة لا آمل ولا رجاء منها..وفاقد الشيء لا يعطيه

There is no doubt that there are solutions to the current situation in Lebanon, and there are many Lebanese who are qualified to play that role.

However, the country is not ruled by qualified Lebanese, and its political class, along with all the major political parties, are not equipped to play any constructive role.

Those who failed to save Lebanon in 2005 and early 2006 are not qualified to save it in 2020. Those who could not prevent the country from arriving at its current situation cannot lift it from its current situation.

The ruling class had acted, and continues to act, for its own selfish interest – and no tragedy impacting Lebanon could make them change their attitude.

They pursue policies that undermine the people’s standards of living and the local economy, to the benefit of a regional and globalist agenda. Then, they say that they want a “dialogue” to save the country which they themselves have undermined by their faulty policies and theft of national resources.

Even if Lebanese citizens of the caliber of Thomas Jefferson, Charles de Gaulle, or Winston Churchill attend the dialogue, nothing of their constructive ideas will be implemented. The ruling class will take whatever ideas they hear in the context of how they will use them for their own benefit against their political opponents. The nationalist spirit does not exist in them.

The nation, the environment, public liberties, justice, and all the like have no meaningful value to them. These are only slogans for public consumption.

It is not our job to condemn them or criticize them, but it is our job to speak the truth so that we do not waste our time with them. The country needs new talent, new brains, and new leadership.

True leaders, true politicians, have positive impacts on their country within days (not years) from the day they begin their rule. Those who spend years in a leadership position and produce nothing genuine or constructive, their dialogue is an acknowledgment of that failure.

If their dialogue is sincere, and if they do not know what to do and wish to seek advice, they should have initiated their dialogue at the beginning of their rule – and plan their rule accordingly.

What have they done all these years if now they are acknowledging that they need dialogue to know what to do? Solutions do not exist, but it is a waste of time to discuss solutions with a political class that is inept.

They first say: “We want to save the country.” Then, they rob its resources, pursue failed policies, and undermine it at the economic, political, security, and all levels. After doing all this, they say again: “We want to save the country.” Do they expect us to believe them? They taught us not to.

The dialogue of this political class cannot lead to national recovery because they lack the nationalist vision and ethics for that recovery. To them, the nation and the governing process are similar to a chocolate factory to produce “sweets” (lucrative deals) for their enjoyment. They do not know anything beyond that. If they honestly wish to save the nation, they can begin by stopping to rob the factory from its “chocolate.” They should not need a dialogue to know that.

Finally, many politicians had often preached about the meaning of “sacrifice” and how it is necessary to offer sacrifices for the country. If they truly believe what they say, now it is the perfect time to sacrifice themselves for the country.