Elias Bejjani/Betrayal Of the Kurds In Syria: What a Shame On Trump, The Arab Countries and the European Union


Betrayal Of the Kurds In Syria: What a Shame On Trump, The Arab Countries and the European Union
Elias Bejjani/October 10/2019

History will throw in its Dustbin all those world leaders and politicians who either conspired and worked openly or covertly against the Syrian Kurds, or kept silent and did not take a courageous, loud and ethical stance in regards to the criminal Turkish invasion.

What is important and meaningful are the practical acts and not the rhetoric words.

What could make a difference is actually what is going on the ground, in the battlefield and not in the comfortable offices.

On the ground Erdogan’s Turkish Army is viciously invading North Syria in a bid to terrorise and subdue the Syria Kurds and if needed in accordance to his schemes to massacre them.

Erdogan’s invasion is taking place, while Mr. Trump, Europe and all the Arab countries are fighting him back rhetorically by mere words and empty statements.

Their rhetoric empty statements are meaningless and definitely would not stop the invasion, but on the contrary are blessing and hailing it.

Simply and as all the world is sadly witnessing Mr. Trump and the West did not only betray and abandon the Kurds in North Syria, but also conspired against them with no shame or gratitude.

They all with not even one exception gave a green light to the Turkish dictator, Erdogan to freely slaughter the Kurds and conquer their Syrian homeland.

In conclusion words and statements are not what the Kurds want and need and definitely all those world leaders who betrayed the Kurds in Syrian will end in the Dustbin of history.

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