Elie Aoun/How to Win in Politics/ايلي عون: كيف تربح في السياسة


How to Win in Politics
ايلي عون: كيف تربح في السياسة
Elie Aoun/September 03/2019

Most of the political news has no value by the time we finish reading it.

What is today the value of the political news that we read or heard yesterday? Nothing.

By tomorrow, what would be the value of the time we spend on reading today’s news? Nothing.

We must stop wasting our most precious commodity (our time) on the least meaningful subject matter (news about politicians).

We serve ourselves and our country better by investing this precious time on the betterment of ourselves, our own affairs, and the people who are meaningful to us.

All the effort we dedicated in the past in the pursuit of this or that cause would have been better served if we dedicated it to ourselves – not out of selfishness, but out of love of ourselves and our country – knowing that by being stronger, the country is stronger.

Instead, we were made weaker by making us believe to pursue this or that “cause,” this or that person, only to realize that all our effort and energy were wasted and depleted for no useful purpose – and sometimes, against our purpose. Living this type of life was a sin against the Creator and ourselves. If we had focused all that time and energy on ourselves, we would have been in a better position now to serve our country and our people.

This is not a statement of regret, but a statement of lessons learned so that others could benefit from.

We are given talents to use wisely. Let us do so and stop wasting even one minute of our life to read an article or even a quote about the politicians. Instead, focus on yourself and what you can accomplish.

The “activists” on social media should stop wasting their time and effort commenting on what this politician says or does. We all made that mistake. Rather, they must assume responsibility for something constructive (regardless of how minimal it may be) and pursue it.

Making positive contributions, even on a small scale, is more beneficial in the long term than criticizing politicians – who have no dignity, honor, or sensibility to feel an iota of responsibility to rectify their errors or heed any advice to correct their path.

The strength of a nation lies in virtue, in spiritual and intellectual progress. We have these far more than they do. Let us rise above the politicians and make our own path. Ignore them and focus on yourself.

In order to succeed in saving a country, we have to focus all our energy and effort in accomplishing that which we can do – rather than wasting our energy and effort on that which we cannot control.

Let us focus on constructive objectives which we can achieve ourselves, without them.