Elias Bejjani/Art, music and singing are mere Divine-sacred talents and not satanic means/الفن والموسيقى والغناء مواهب إلاهية مقدسة وليست وسائل شيطانية للترويح للشواذات والفسق والعهر والفجور


Art, music and singing are mere Divine sacred talents and not satanic means
Elias Bejjani/August 09/2019

Some of those who call themselves falsely artists, musicians and singersو and who recently were publicly rejected in Lebanon because of their moral, ethical and religious deviated heretic approaches and performances did not give up yet and let go.

With their heretic supporters and fans they are still challenging the taste and faith of the majority of the Lebanese people.

And,  in spite of the unmasking of all their satanic goals, public nakedness and rejection, the heretic band and its supporters are continuing in our beloved and Holy Lebanon to shamelessly promote for debauchery, ethical, and moral deviations, and at the same time insulting Christianity and Christian Holy major symbols and saints in their songs’ lyrics, music and songs.

They are falsely and evilly hiding their heretic conduct and condemned behaviour behind the mantles of freedom and art, while art, and music are sacred talents and not means of advocacy for social and moral odds, or ethical deviations of any kind.

 Thanks to Almighty God, that the majority of the faithful Lebanese people are against their heretics and do not like or watch such performances of bold atheism and moral-ethical-social deviations.

In summary, What is reassuring is the fact that this heretic band and its supporters are all morally, ethically, socially and religious wise in a very different position from the majority of the God fearing and faithful Lebanese people who Fear God and His Last Day Of Judgment.

May Al Mighty God safeguard and Bless Lebanon and Its people.

الفن والموسيقى والغناء مواهب إلاهية مقدسة وليست وسائل شيطانية للترويح للشواذات والفسق والعهر والفجور
رغم كل تعريتهم وفضح اهدافهم الإبليسية فإن جماعات الشذوذ والإلحاد مستمرون في وطننا الحبيب والمقدس لبنان بالترويج الوقح لفرقتهم المهرطقة متلحفين زورا عباءة الحرية فيما هم إيمانياً بمكان وغالبية شعبنا الذي يخاف الله وحسابه في مكان آخر.

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