Elias Bejjani/Bishop Elias Aoudi Courageously Condemns The Mashrou Lyla Band Heretics & Rebukes Those who Support the Anti-Church Stances/المطران عودة يدين هرطقات فرقة مشروع ليلى ويؤنب المدافعين والمسوقين لها


Bishop Elias Aoudi Courageously Condemns The Mashrou Lyla Band Heretics & Rebukes Those who Support the Anti-Church Stances
المطران عودة يدين هرطقات فرقة مشروع ليلى ويؤنب المدافعين والمسوقين لها
Elias Bejjani/July 28/2019

Yesterday, His eminence, Bishop Elias Aoudi in his Sunday sermon at Saint courageous Church in Beirut witnessed for the mere Christian truth and for the Christian Saints and figures.

Aoudi straightforwardly and without any cajoling or appeasing stance called things in their actual names and staunchly condemned the heretic conduct and advocacy that the bizarre Mashrou Lyla Band is endeavouring to spread in Lebanon in general and in the Byblos holy region in particular.

Aoudi strongly stressed the solid fact and truth in regards to our holy relation and affiliation to Virgin Mary, our mother and Jesus’ mother.

Aoudi loudly and strongly said that under no circumstances it will be okay with those who insult our mother, virgin Mary and portray her pictures and icons in a humiliating and sarcastic manner.

Aoudi asked, why all those who advocate against our church and insult our saints must have freedom to do so, while we are not entitled to defend ourselves and our faith.

Aoudi stated and confirmed that freedom is not in its essence and core a means to insult, humiliate and blemish our church and our Christian saints.

Aoudi called on all those who are in authority to implement the law and put an end to such unacceptable and condemned heretics.

In conclusion, His eminence, Bishop Aoudi said bravely and loudly what the majority of Lebanon’s Christian officials, leaders, and politicians were as always afraid to say and witness for their religion and church because of their selfishness, shameful Dhimmitude mentality, cowardice approaches, lack of hope and poor faith.

In conclusion, All those Lebanese Christian leaders, officials, head of political parties, journalists, media men and politicians who dhimmitudely swallowed their tongues and did not witness for the truth and backed from defending their church and religion should be ashamed of themselves and the least that they MUST urgently do is to repent, offer the due penances and apologize publicly for their cowardice and

Or otherwise they are not capable, qualified or entrusted to be in any position to speak for the Lebanese Christians and represent them by any means.

Faith and conscious, wise they are required to resign from what ever official or political positions they are now holding.

N.B: Penance: A sacrament, as in the Roman Catholic Church, consisting in a confession of sin, made with sorrow and with the intention of amendment, followed by the forgiveness of the sin.

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