Elias Bejjani: The Futile Lebanese New Government Mere Rhetoric Ministerial Statement/عقم البيان الوزاري الإنشائي لحكومة الحريري في لبنان


The Futile Lebanese New Government Mere Rhetoric Ministerial Statement
عقم البيان الوزاري الإنشائي لحكومة الحريري في لبنان
Elias Bejjani/February 06/19

Practically there will be no sense or value what so ever for the new Lebanese “Hariri” Cabinet’s Ministerial Statement.

The statement is definitely going to be a mere rhetoric document as long as it does not address openly, loudly and constitutionally the oppressive Iranian occupation of Lebanon, and at the same time if it does no adopt a clear patriotic and courageous plan to end this occupation in a bid to reclaim both the Lebanese confiscated independence and sovereignty.

None of the Cabinet’s thirty ministers will be free to do any thing that is positive if it does not serve totally the Iran’s devious scheme of terrorism, expansionism, sectarianism, and denominationalism.

The ministers’ conduct with no one exception as well as even their breath of air will be monitored constrained and controlled by Hezbollah, the occupier.

In reality the Iranian Terrorist Hezbollah organization totally runs the governing show and all the rest of the officials on all levels including the thirty new ministers are a mere supernumerary “comparse” who carry verbatim its dictates, املاءات degrees فتاوى and faramens فرمانات.

In this context all the time and effort that is spent in preparing the ministerial statement is futile and shall have no practical value by any means.

Meanwhile it is worth mentioning that twenty of the thirty ministers in the new “Hariri” government are totally affiliated to Hezbollah and accordingly obey happily its dictates, while the other ten represent the three Lebanese political parties (Lebanese Forces Party headed by Dr. Samir Geagea, Progressive Socialist Party headed by Walid Jumblat, Future Movement headed by Saad Hariri) that has already succumbed to Hezbollah’s occupation agenda after abandoning and dismantling the 14th Of March coalition in exchange for marginal personal benefits and trivial local governing and castrated positions.

The current Ministerial Statement and as was the unconstitutional status since 2005 will heretically legitimize the so called “Hezbollah’s resistance” against Israeli in a bold defiance and contempt to all that is constitution and UN Resolutions (1559, 1701,The 1946 Armistice agreement with Israel).

Few ministers, especially the four Lebanese Forces’ Party ones are expected and in a camouflaging and deceiving theatrical show to verbally disagree on the “Hezbollah’s Resistance legitimization” clause of the Ministerial Statement, but will not resign from government while their party’s 15 MP’s will grant it a vote of confidence in the parliament.

In conclusion the New Lebanese “Hariri” Government is not only A Hezbollah one, but actually it is an Iranian mere tool.

عقم البيان الوزاري الإنشائي لحكومة الحريري في لبنان
الياس بجاني/06 شباط/19
لا قيمة عملية للبيان الوزاري طالما أنه لا يسمي الإحتلال الإيراني للبنان علنية ولا يضع خططاً للتخلص منه ولإستعادة الإستقلال والسيادة.

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