Elias Bejjani: Lebanon’s New Government is A mere Iranian Tool/حكومة لبنان الجديدة هي مجرد أداة إيرانية


Lebanon’s New Government is A mere Iranian Tool
حكومة لبنان الجديدة هي مجرد أداة إيرانية

Elias Bejjani/February 05/19

Hezbollah Secretary-General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, alleged yesterday in a speech aired via his Iranian terrorist organization “Al-Manar TV” that the new Lebanese Government is not controlled by Hezbollah.

Definitely, and without any doubt, Nasrallah’s camouflaging rhetoric of denial is not only false, but also deceiving by all means and in all domains.

In reality and based on actual facts that are related to the political, national, and strategic affiliations of the thirty ministers of the newly formed cabinet, we can loudly and freely, say that this New Government is a mere Iranian tool no more no less.

The Government was announced after Hezbollah’s on going Iranian Mullah’s obstacles, intimidations and procrastinations that went on evilly for nine months in a bid to serve Iran’s regional and local terrorist agenda.

There is nothing in this new government that is “Lebanese” by any means except its name.

In reality and actuality it is an Iranian mere governing tool as was the status of the previous one.

It is worth mentioning that the State of Lebanon is an Iranian occupied and oppressed country.

Meanwhile all those politicians and so called corrupted political parties who participated in the new government are practically mere Trojans and have no patriotic or free saying in any matter being major or minor…and espcially in regards to Hezbollah’s occupation.

Twenty ministers out of the thirty portfolios that the new government is composed of are filled either by Hezbollah active members, allies or by individuals that are picked and nominated by its leadership.

While the other 10 portfolios are designated to ministers that represent three political parties that has already succumbed to the occupier, Hezbollah, and accepted to recognize its occupation and control in exchange for trivial and marginalized governing power shares.

Sadly this new government is going to be practically like the previous one, just a mask and a cover for Hezbollah’s occupation and a tool for Iranian Mullah’s expansionism and terrorism schemes that are totally anti-Lebanese, anti-Arab and anti peace..

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بظل حكومة حزب الله  فالج لا تعالج/الياس بجاني/03 شباط/19

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