Detailed LCCC English News Bulletin For November 22/2018


Detailed Lebanese & Lebanese Related LCCC English News Bulletin For November 22/2018
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Titles For Latest LCCC Bulletin analysis & editorials from miscellaneous sources published on November 21-22/18
Lebanon Is An Occupied Country/Elias Bejjani/ November 22/18
President of the Republic, Michel Aoun in his address to nation on Independence Day: Lebanon is undergoing government formation crisis/Wed 21 Nov 2018/NNA
Mass Commemorates Pierre Gemayel 12 Years After Assassination/ 21st November 2018
Anti-Syrian Regime Websites: Regime Granting Citizenship To Millions Of Iranians, Hizbullah Operatives To Change Country’s Demography From Sunni To Shi’ite Majority, Conceal The Fighters’ Presence In Syria/MEMRI/November 21/18
ANALYSIS: New Information Shows Iran Behind Latest Gaza Crisis/Yochanan Visser/Israel Today/November 21/18
Statement on the Election of a New Interpol President/Garry Kasparov and Members of the Standing Committee of the Free Russia Forum/Gatestone Institute/November 21/2018
Germany: Turkish-Muslim Appointed Second-In-Command of Domestic Intelligence/Soeren Kern/Gatestone Institute/November 21/2018
The Single Sentence That Would Rescue Theresa May’s Brexit/Malcolm Lowe/Gatestone Institute/November 21/2018
“All White Women are Sluts and Deserve to be Raped”: The West Adopts Islam’s Perspective/Raymond Ibrahim/American Thinker/November 21/18
Conflict between Major Powers/Hal Brands/Bloomberg View/November,21/18
A map of the world in the campaign against Saudi Arabia/Fares bin Hezam/Al Arabiya/November 21/18
The determinist discourse: How science moved away from humanism/Adil Rasheed/Al Arabiya/November 21/18
Saudi Arabia: No regression, no surrender/Mashari Althaydi/Al Arabiya/November 21/18
US-China trade war spats: Where to next/Dr. Mohamed A. Ramady/Al Arabiya/November 21/18
Iran/Hizballah build new militias in Syria against northern Israel. What is Eisenkot missing/Debka File/November 21/18

Titles For Latest LCCC Lebanese Related News published on November 21-22/18
Lebanon Is An Occupied Country
President of the Republic, Michel Aoun in his address to nation on Independence Day: Lebanon is undergoing government formation crisis
Trump sends wishes to Berri on Lebanon Independence Day
Trump: Iran Supporting the Terror Group Hezbollah in Lebanon
Lebanon’s Mustaqbal Movement: Bassil Adopts Hezbollah’s Logic
Lebanon Marks 75th Independence Day as Country Stalls to Form Govt.
Ibrahim in Order of the Day: Defeating Terrorism is Our Key Concern
Mass Commemorates Pierre Gemayel 12 Years After Assassination
Sami Gemayel Vows to Not Allow Anyone to Tarnish Martyr Brother’s Cause
Sami Gemayel: We Will Not Compromise Until Pierre’s Dream Achieved
Politicians Pay Tribute to Martyr Pierre Gemayel on Assassination Anniversary
Sayegh: Hariri Must Face Hurdles to Secure Government Formation
Bassil signs bill to amend law regulating entry, residence and departure from Lebanon
Loyalty to Resistance after bloc meeting: Refusal of independent Sunni deputies’ representation unjustified
Shbib: Independence stems from citizenship, away from confessionalism
British Embassy: Additional £5 million to UNICEF in support of nonformal education across Lebanon
UAE Embassy concludes Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign
British Minister Burt congratulates Lebanon on its Independence Day
Anti-Syrian Regime Websites: Regime Granting Citizenship To Millions Of Iranians, Hizbullah Operatives To Change Country’s Demography From Sunni To Shi’ite Majority, Conceal The Fighters’ Presence In Syria

Titles For Latest LCCC Bulletin For Miscellaneous Reports And News published on November 21-22/18
Ghosn Custody Extended as Crisis Deepens at Nissan
Amnesty to Expand Probe of U.S.-Led Campaign in Syria’s Raqqa
Iranian FM Mocks Trump Statement on Saudi Prince
Pompeo tells Khamenei: Iran should spend on its people, not terrorists
US Sanctions Target Russian Oil Deliveries to Syria Regime
US Representative: We Do Not Challenge Russia’s Interests in Syria
Israeli Minister Threatens Hamas’s Gaza Leader
Iraq: Top Officials Rent Public Offices for Low Prices
Iraq’s Muqtada al-Sadr: Mosul is in danger
Houthis Say UK Draft Resolution for Hodeidah is ‘Nonbinding’
Heavy Metals, Ammonia Blamed for Iraq Carp Deaths

Lebanon Is An Occupied Country
Elias Bejjani/ November 22/18
Psalm 92:12: “The righteous will flourish like a palm tree, they will grow like a cedar of Lebanon”.
Today, the Lebanese back home in beloved Lebanon, as well as those living in Diaspora are all remembering with sadness, anger and frustration their country’s Independence Day.
Although the country is practically not independent and savagely occupied by Hezbollah, Iran’s terrorist proxy army, but every sovereign, faithful and patriotic Lebanese is hopeful and fully confident that this era of terrorism, evilness, oppression and hardship is ultimately going to end. By God’s will Lebanon’s freedom spring is on the horizon.
Lebanon through its deeply rooted history of 7000 years have witnessed hard times and all kinds of invaders, occupiers, dictators, and tyrants, they all were forced to leave Lebanon with humiliation and Lebanon maintained its freedom and sovereignty. There is no doubt that the fate of the current occupier is going to be any different.
There are numerous reasons behind the ongoing devastating internal and external wars that are being waged against Lebanon and his people. These reasons have varied throughout contemporary history with the changing instruments of fighting, circumstances, financiers and profiteers.
However, the main reasons and targets were always and still are the privileged Lebanese distinctive identity, multiculturalism, freedoms and coexistence. Almost every nation and people in the Middle and Far East look upon Lebanon as a heaven for freedoms and as an oasis for the persecuted.
At the present time and since 1982, the Iranian armed terrorist militia, Hezbollah, which was created by the Iranians with its mini-state during Syria’s bloody occupation era of Lebanon (1976-2005) imposes an extremely serious and fundamental threat to all that is Lebanese: culture, identity, history, civilization, freedoms, coexistence, tolerance, democracy, peace, openness, order and law.
But as our deeply rooted history teaches us, this Stone Age armed terrorist group shall by God’s will be defeated as was the fate of all invaders, tyrants, dictators and occupiers whose sick minds fooled them that Lebanon could be tamed and his people could be subdued and enslaved. They all were disappointed and forced to leave with humiliation and disgrace.
The Syrian occupier in 2005 and after almost 30 years of savage occupation had to face the same scornful fate. Hezbollah will have ultimately the same end sooner or later although its armed militiamen are Lebanese.
We thank God for the ultimate failure of all savage attacks which the faithful Lebanese shattered with stubbornness, perseverance, courage and self-confidence, and remained attached to their identity, and steadfast against hatred, foreign expansionism schemes and evil conspiracies.
The distinction of Lebanon is that it is a nation of diverse religious denominational groups and civilizations living together in agreeable coexistence, without coercion or oppression or becoming a melting pot, despite transient harsh confrontations at certain periods of history always instigated and orchestrated by external forces. Lebanon’s air of liberty has been made equally available to its extensive mosaic of communities to help them maintain freedom of their cultural and religious particularities and distinctions.
All Throughout history these distinctions gave Lebanon his pluralist flavour and made the majority of the Lebanese people into a homogeneous society attached heart and spirit to the one Lebanese identity that personifies their roots, cultures, hopes and civilizations.
The confessional diversity permits each of Lebanon’s 18 ethnic communities to express its original goodness within its core and the sanctity of its faith. Even though the communities’ perspective towards God may be different, they do not disagree on the truth of God’s essence, and He remains the All Mighty Creator and the source of all good to all people.
Accordingly, all Lebanese have learned that none of them should presume to monopolize God’s relationship through himself, or seek to acquire all God’s graces by eliminating others, because these others were also created by God and are also His children, and that He is the only ultimate judge.
All religions in Lebanon worship the same God, and He definitely accepts them all each according to their sincerity and trust. God knows the content of hearts and intents, and He is not fooled by the various rituals and styles of worship.
The majority of the peace loving Lebanese people strongly believe that no one Lebanese community should claim that it is the best, or the closest, or the only path to God. They all trust in the fact that God knows all wants, and uncovers all intents. Hezbollah is an odd exception among the Lebanese communities.
In conclusion, for Lebanon, the land of the holy cedars to be victorious in the face of the Axis of Evil powers dirty and evil wars against his existence, Each and every Lebanese in both Lebanon and Diaspora has a patriotic and ethical obligation and a holy duty to preserve by all means Lebanon’s graceful identity and solidify its implantation in the conscience, hearts and souls of the new Lebanese generations and to root it in their awareness, as well as in Lebanon’s blessed soil.
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