Detailed LCCC English News Bulletin For November 09/2018


Detailed Lebanese & Lebanese Related LCCC English News Bulletin For November 09/2018
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Titles For The Latest LCCC Bulletin analysis & editorials from miscellaneous sources published on November 08-09/18
Lebanon’s government and Iran’s sanctionsRadwan al-Sayed/Al Arabiya/November 08/18
US urges Russia to allow resumed Israeli air strikes in Syria/DebkaFile/November 08/18
Will Houthis Respond to the US Call/Salman Al-dossary/Asharq Al Awsat/November 08/18
China Infiltrates American Campuses/Gordon G. Chang/Gatestone Institute/November 08/18
How Extremist Scholars Promote Terrorism, Violence/A. Z. Mohamed/Gatestone Institute/November 08/18
Iran’s sanctions and Saudi Arabia’s future/Abdullah bin Bijad Al-Otaibi/Al Arabiya/November 08/18
CASA project and energy dynamics across Central, South Asia/Sabena Siddiqui/Al Arabiya/November 08/18
Nation building through state building/Shehab Al-Makahleh/Al Arabiya/November 08/18
Europe-Iran relations complicated by alleged assassination attempts/Kerry Boyd Anderson/Arab News/November 08/18
Mullahs’ policies exacerbating Iran’s financial crisis/Dr. Majid Rafizadeh/Arab News/November 08/18

Titles For The Latest LCCC Lebanese Related News published on November 08-09/18
Hezbollah-Backed Jamal Suleiman Leaves Lebanon to Syria
Lebanon’s Speaker: No Breakthrough in Cabinet Formation
Hezbollah not cooperating in government dispute
Mashnouq: Hariri Won’t Withdraw, Sunni MPs Made the Wrong Approach
Hawat: Electricity Disaster Result of Your Failures
Houri Says Hizbullah ‘Confining’ Govt. Formation
Loyalty to Resistance: Key Forces Must Cooperate to Represent Independent Sunnis
Hezbollah: No Compromise on Sunni MPs’ Representation
Lebanon Ready to Assist in Return of 200,000 Syrian Refugees Before Year’s End
Khoury Gets Berri’s Support in Measures against Generator Owners
Taymour Jumblat Meets Bogdanov in Moscow
No information of Syrian refugees killed upon return: Aoun
Maronite Patriarch, Gemayel Confer over Christians Role
Judge Postpones Session to Examine Kataeb Lawsuit in Waste Landfill Case
Lebanon’s government and Iran’s sanctions

Titles For The Latest LCCC Bulletin For Miscellaneous Reports And News published on November 08-09/18
Pakistan blasphemy case: Asia Bibi freed from jail
Gunman opens fire at bar in California leaves 12 dead
Iraq Gets U.S. Sanctions Break to Keep the Lights On
Syria Army Frees Druze Hostages from IS
Kurds near Turkey Border Dread Fresh Offensive
US urges Russia to allow resumed Israeli air strikes in Syria
Bulgaria detains three Iranians with fake Israeli passports
US warns nations not to allow Iranian oil tankers into their territorial waters
Iranians Enraged by Luxury Life of the Rich, Powerful
US Allows Sanctions Exception for Iran Port Development
Raged by Tel Aviv’s Policy, Putin Rejects to Meet Netanyahu
Israeli Forces Detain 11 Palestinians Including PLC Member
PLO: Washington Rejected Oman’s Attempt to Pave Way for Peace
ISIS Suffers Heavy Syria Losses
Egypt Sentences 8 Militants to Death over Army Attack
New Egyptian Efforts to Reach Reconciliation Between Palestine, Israel
Egypt’s Sisi Warns of Social Media Dangers
China Will Not Sell Passenger Planes to Iran
Sudan Expresses Will to Negotiate with Rebels
58 Combatants Killed in Fighting for Yemen’s Hodeida
Houthi Leader Pleads with Deserters to Return
Seoul Says N. Korea Asked to Delay Pompeo Talks

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