Detailed LCCC English News Bulletin For October 01/2018


Detailed Lebanese & Lebanese Related LCCC English News Bulletin For October 01/2018
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Titles For The Latest LCCC Bulletin analysis & editorials from miscellaneous sources published on October 01/18
Death toll from Indonesian quake, tsunami rises to 832/AP/Reuters/September 30, 2018
EU: Politicizing the Internet/Judith Bergman/Gatestone Institute/September 30/18
Sanctuary Cities – for Whom/David C. Stolinsky/Gatestone Institute/September 30/18
Don’t Blame Business for Slow Wage Growth/Michael Strain/Bloomberg/September, 30/18
Corporations of the World! Young Scientists Need You/Scott Duke Kominers/Bloomberg/September, 30/18
US between Progressive Left, the Nationalist Right/Hal Brands/Bloomberg/September, 30/18
Facebook Security Flaw Exposes a Crisis of Faith/Shira Ovide/Bloomberg/September, 30/18
Ultranationalist mindset shapes Iran’s strategy toward Gulf states/Dr. Mohammed Alsulami/Arab News/September 30/18
US-Gulf pressure on Iranian regime is proving effective/Dr. Majid Rafizadeh/Arab News/September 30/18
Tara Fares murdered for daring to be female in Baghdad/Baria Alamuddin/Arab News/September 30/18
How will the Iranian Revolutionary Guards respond to the Ahwaz attack/Ali Al-Amin/Al Arabiya/September 30/18
The military parade attack: An incident and two platforms/Amal Abdulaziz Al–Hazani/Al Arabiya/September 30/18
Why seek virtues in the Iraqi prime minister alone/Adnan Hussein/Al Arabiya/September 30/18
Doha’s Worst Nightmare? Why the Israeli Flag May Be Flying in Qatar This Fall/Michael Dempster/Haaretz/September 30/18

Titles For The Latest LCCC Lebanese Related News published on October 01/18
Muallem: Relation with Aoun, Others Good but Previous Equation Will Change
Formation Progress Ruled Out amid Efforts to Convene Caretaker Cabinet
Dar al-Fatwa denies calling for emergency meeting in response to Aoun’s proposal
Mustaqbal MP Says Aoun, Bassil Can Resolve ‘Christian, Druze Hurdles’
Lebanon: Progressive Socialist Party, Lebanese Forces Worried as Majority Government Looms
Lebanon Invites Ambassadors to Tour of ‘Hizbullah Missile Site’
Hariri, Shiite Duo Prefer Unity Govt. as LF, PSP Hold Their Ground
Foreign Ministry to respond Monday to Netanyahu’s allegations, invites ambassadors to attend
Geagea calls on LF partisans, supporters not to engage in polemic
Toni Frangiyeh calls for national unity government that takes into account election results
MP Mohamad Hajjar says certain sides are trying to sow frustration in people’s minds and souls
Claudine Aoun commends participants in training program on strengthening women’s political role
SSNP Foreign Dean confers with Swiss Ambassador over UNRWA, return of displaced Syrians
Adwan: Reconciliation is between two sides who have decided to build the Mountain together
Tohme from Moukhtara: We are attached to Taef, Mountain Reconciliation
Bridges for Dialogue and Return’…LebanesePalestinian Dialogue Committee Annex Edition out Tomorrow
Lebanese Air Force organizes open day at Riyak base
Saad urges President of the Republic to adopt government formation decision
Caretaker Minister of Industry, Hussein Hajj Hassan Salutes Aoun’s positions at UN Assembly

Titles For The Latest LCCC Bulletin For Miscellaneous Reports And News published on October 01/18
Kellyanne Conway: ‘I’m a victim of sexual assault’
Netanyahu Accepts Palestinian State That Poses ‘No Threat to Israel’
Israel says ready for UN crossing with Syria to reopen
Israel frees French-Palestinian after 13 months without trial
UAE, Bahrain Call for Confronting Iran’s Threats
Turkey Demands Factions’ Withdrawal from Buffer Zones
Erdogan Ends Germany’s Visit with a Conciliatory Tone
Three Years of Russia Strikes on Syria Kill 18,000
Muallem Calls on U.S., French, Turkish Forces to Withdraw Immediately
Syria Rebels Deny Withdrawing Arms from North under Deal
Trump Says U.S. ‘Subsidizing’ Saudi, Asia Militaries
Trump ‘Fell in Love’ with Kim after ‘Beautiful Letters’
Sisi Set to Visit Russia to Reinforce Cooperation
Death toll from Indonesian quake, tsunami rises to 832

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