Detailed LCCC English News Bulletin For September 15/2018


Detailed Lebanese & Lebanese Related LCCC English News Bulletin For September 15/2018
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Titles For The Latest LCCC Bulletin analysis & editorials from miscellaneous sources published on September 14-15/18
The myth of Lebanon’s resilience/Elias Sakr/Annahar/September 14/18
How American Women Help the Economy/Mark Whitehouse/Bloomberg/September, 14/18
A Silver Jubilee for False Promises/Amir Taheri/Asharq Al Awsat/September 14/18
The Grim Cost of the “Oslo War”/Guy Millière/Gatestone Institute/September 14/18
Iran’s Faezeh Rafsanjani speaks/Mashari Althaydi/Al Arabiya/September 14/18
An entertaining Iraqi parliamentary session/Adnan Hussein/Al Arabiya/September 14/18
China, Russia, Iran and Turkey to de-peg from dollar/Shehab Al-Makahleh/Al Arabiya/September 14/18
Enlightenment and moral absolutism/Faisal Al-Shammeri/Al Arabiya/September 14/18

Titles For The Latest LCCC Lebanese Related News published on September 14-15/18
MP, Nadim Gemayel on 36th commemoration of Bachir Gemayel’s martyrdom: For building state with noble causes
Kataeb MP Nadim Gemayel: It Is Time to Achieve Bachir’s Dream
Youmna Gemayel Commemorates Father on 36th Assassination Anniversary
Kataeb Officials Pay Tribute to Martyr President on 36th Assassination Anniversary
Aoun tackles developments with his interlocutors
Rahi talks developments with Lazarini
Hariri receives Allawi, Wardat and Foucher
STL Prosecution: Ayyash Participated Intentionally in Terrorist Attack
STL Prosecution: Ayyash Didn’t Go to Hajj, Abu Adas wasn’t Interested in Jihad
Report: Lebanon’s Oil Wealth Under Israeli Threats
Hariri Says Will ‘Patiently’ Pursue Efforts to Form Government
Report: Ibrahim Likely to Appease FPM, PSP Bickering
Report: Berri to Hold Legislative Session as Govt. Formation ‘Stumbles’
Hizbullah Bloc Warns over Govt. Delay, Power Cuts
Officials Free Lebanese Woman Jailed for Insulting Egypt
U.S. Man who Killed Lebanese Neighbor Dies in Prison
War of Words Escalates between FPM, PSP
Bassil: Lebanon to Defeat Israeli Program for Palestinian Refugees
Lebanon: Dispute Over Parliament Functions in Absence of Cabinet
Ibrahim meets FPM Syrian refugees’ committee
Berri congratulates Lebanese basketball team on win against China
The myth of Lebanon’s resilience

Titles For The Latest LCCC Bulletin For Miscellaneous Reports And News published on September 14-15/18
Defying dangers, Idlib residents protest Syria’s Assad
Exclusive: US Document Calls on Damascus to Boycott Iranian Regime
Man Drives Car into Crowd in Southern France, Wounding Two
Germany Says Ready to Contribute to Syria Rebuilding
Turkey Says Erdogan Will Meet Putin on Monday for Syria Talks
IIIM President: No Peace in Syria Without Accountability
After disagreements over corruption, Iraq’s al-Sadr threatens to join opposition
Iraq’s prime minister Abadi indicates he will not seek second term
Egypt Court Upholds Decision to Confiscate Muslim Brotherhood Leaders’ Funds
Pentagon Protests after Intercept of Russian Bombers
After Canada-Saudi Row, West Confronts Risk of Speaking Up
Three Palestinians killed by Israeli fire on Gaza border
Hamas Top Official: Ongoing Negotiations Are Not Part of ‘Deal of the Century’
US to impose tough sanctions on Iran in November, including flights

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