Elie Aoun: The Vatican, Bkirki, and the “Mearab Agreement”


The Vatican, Bkirki, and the “Mearab Agreement”
Elie Aoun/July 10/18

Different people have different views regarding the political friction between the Lebanese Forces (LF) and the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM). In reality, there are many true patriots on both sides. The friction is not between theses patriots, who should be wise enough not to take part in it. Although some blame the LF while others blame the FPM regarding the “betrayal” of the “Mearab Agreement,” the blame should fall on Bkirki and the Vatican. Why?

The rapprochement between the LF and the FPM took place in conjunction with a Vatican envoy’s visit to both General Michel Aoun and LF leader Samir Geagea. Restricting Christian representations to these two political parties (as outlined in the “Mearab Agreement”) should have been evident from the time of the envoy’s visit since it is the Vatican’s historical policy to bring all politics unto itself. Vatican history proves that millions of Christians and others were slaughtered simply because they pursued a path independent of Vatican authority. When Bachir Gemayel said that he did not want a Vaticanist president, he was killed. All the Presidents that came after him were Vaticanists.

The last trip General Michel Aoun made prior to announcing his candidacy to the Presidency was to the Vatican. It was Bkirki (not the Lebanese Parliament) that selected four names as presidential candidates, and it was Saad Hariri who stated that he cannot deviate from these four names. Lebanon’s presidency was not decided by the Mearab Agreement, but by the Vatican. The Mearab Agreement was only a tool or a means to enforce Vatican dictates. What is wrong with the Vatican or Bkirki deciding the names of Christian or Lebanese leaders? Both the Vatican and Bkirki are not what they claim to be. The sooner we wake up from their deception, the better we will be.

Referring to the situation of the Church, Pope Paul VI said that “Satan’s smoke has made its way into the temple of God through some crack.” He also said: “The Church finds herself in an hour … of self-destruction”; “The Church is wounding herself.”

In Europe, the reason behind the dwindling of the number of priests, parishioners, and churches is internal Vatican policies (not Iran, Syria, or Israel). Similarly, in the Arab region, the reason behind the dwindling of Christian “presence” is Vatican policies. Iran, Syria, and Israel are only deceptions we are made to believe to make us chase the wrong “enemy” and deplete our resources in vain. The Arab region has never had 50 years of “peace” from the time of the Crusaders until the present. Why? We better believe what Pope Paul VI said, and take heed. The Vatican is infiltrated and is not on our side. So is Bkirki (which has become a “subsidiary” for the Vatican).

Furthermore, the black-robed clergy (Christian or Muslim) do not believe in a Republican form of government or a free conscience. To prove that statement, all you have to do is read their history. As a result, a viable Republican form of government does not exist in Lebanon – not because of the politicians only, but because of the clergy and secret societies that rule these politicians (who are only stooges and will be “eliminated” if they refuse to obey orders). The difference between a true patriot and a politician is that a true patriot has the courage to speak his conscience. A politician is a coward incapable of speaking the real truth.

Many problems persist in Lebanon because the truth is not publicly spoken. No one says who is responsible for the assassinations or for corruption. Not because the politicians or intelligence networks do not know the truth, but because they are unwilling or incapable of speaking it. Regardless of how many billions they steal, one thing they cannot buy is courage.

Both Geagea and Bassil are ruled by the same forces, and it is a waste of time to support one against another. They are both pursuing the same agenda. It was not one who betrayed the other. Rather, they both betrayed the true patriots within their parties’ ranks. The Vatican and Bkirki are behind all mediocrity on the Christian and Lebanese scene. The last trip Gibran Bassil had before he was “appointed” as FPM president was to the Vatican. Anyone who deciphers the “political” hand-signs of the LF and FPM knows that theses parties’ leaderships are ruled by dark forces. Being as such, there is no Christian hope in them, and all their “political rhetoric” is a diversion from the fact that they are both leading their people to self-destruction.

There is no Maronite, Sunni, Muslim or Druze “leader”. There are no leaders, only patsies enforcing the agenda of black robed clergy and secret societies. To save ourselves, we must look within and deal with the enemy in our midst. If we cannot do that, then it would be best to focus on our own personal lives and forget politics. Stop wasting your time worrying about what this politician said about that. In summary, they are all mini-whores working for the “Great Whore” (Revelation 17).

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