Detailed LCCC English News Bulletin For July 01/2018


Detailed LCCC English News Bulletin For July 01/2018

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Titles For The Latest LCCC Lebanese Related News published on July 01/18
Accepting Regime Forces in South Syria Will Only Further Iran’s Goals/Hanin Ghaddar and Phillip Smyth/The Washington Institute/June 29, 2018
Why Britain’s Deradicalization Programs Are Failing/A. Z. Mohamed/Gatestone Institute/June 30/2018
Analysis Erdogan Wanted an Empire but Must Suffice With an Unloved Country/Zvi Bar’el/Haaretz/June 30/18
Opinion Why Trump and Kushner Will Never Get the Palestinians to the Negotiating Table/Jonathan S. Tobin/Haaretz/June 30/18
Sorry, Iran, China Isn’t Going to Save You/Geneive Abdo/Bloomberg View/June 30/18
Corruption in Iraq erodes its core/Hazem al-Amin/Al Arabiya/June 30/18
The American gamble on Russia in Syria/Khairallah Khairallah/Al Arabiya/June 30/18
What does women driving mean for Saudi Arabia/Hassan Al Mustafa/Al Arabiya/June 30/18
Has there been a divorce between Russia and Iran/Mashari Althaydi/Al Arabiya/June 30/18
Tehran Grand Bazaar protests are a warning from history/Camelia Entekhabifard/Arab News/June 30/18
Turkey at a crossroads under all-powerful Erdogan/Talmiz Ahmad/Arab News/June 30/18
The Rebellion at Twilight/Jonathan Spyer/Jerusalem Post/June 30/18

Titles For The Latest LCCC Bulletin analysis & editorials from miscellaneous sources published on July 01/18
No End in Sight in Lebanon’s Cabinet Formation Impasse
Fears over Repression of Journalists in Lebanon
Aoun Meets Khoury, Discusses Cabinet Formation Process
Report: FPM Seeking ‘Veto Power, Future Presidency’
Geagea Says Maarab Agreement Doesn’t Stand for Accepting ‘Corruption’ in Govt.
Report: Geagea Likely to Visit Baabda
Sarraf Freezes Arms Licenses in Baalbek-Hermel
Those Who Inspire: Honoring 60 Lebanese influential figures

Titles For The Latest LCCC Bulletin For Miscellaneous Reports And News published on July 01/18
Trump ally Giuliani says end is near for Iran’s rulers
Russia Negotiates with Opposition to Reach a ‘Settlement’ in South Syria
Guterres Calls for End to Military Ops in South Syria, Jordan Source Reports Truce
Syrian rebels say peace talks with Russia over southwest Syria failed
UN Security Council calls for armed groups to leave Golan ‘area of separation’
Battered South Syria Towns in Talks on Regime Takeover
Israel Says ‘Won’t be Dragged’ to Reoccupy Gaza Strip
Maryam Rajavi: Regime overthrow is certain, Iran will be free
Hamas to Consider 3 Proposals on Gaza’s Humanitarian, Security Situation
Turkey Hints at Reopening its Consulates in Mosul, Basra
Iraq to Begin Manual Recount of May Election Votes on Tuesday
Iraqi Parliament Will not Extend Term
Cairo Court Delays Verdict in ‘Rabaa Sit-in’ Mass Trial
New Initiative to End Tunisia’s Political Crisis
Haftar Warns Against Foreign Military Presence in Southern Libya
Trump Says Saudi King Agrees to Ramp Up Oil Production
Protests Planned Nationwide over Trump Immigration Policy
Egypt’s Sisi: June 30 changed the nation, ended waves of extremism

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