Elias Bejjani/Lebanon’s Fake and illegitimate Parliamentary Elections


Lebanon’s Fake and illegitimate Parliamentary Elections
Elias Bejjani/07 May/18

The parliamentary elections in occupied Lebanon came to end yesterday at 7PM, Beirut local time.
More than 100 nominees were winners before the election process started as designed and orchestrated by the Iranian occupier and its ally the Syrian Assad regime.
No actual surprises took place because Hezbollah occupies the country and did impose its Iranian tailored electoral law.
Meanwhile the whole election charade was mostly pre-set pre-fabricated and most of the successful MP’s were practically appointed.
But in spite of the Iranian occupation, the occupier (Hezbollah) failed to eradicate or marginalise the Lebanese Christians pride and dignity, as well as their values for independence and sovereignty.
In Keserwan- Jbiel district Hezbollah’s nominee Sheik Hassan Zaieter was not a winner despite all the tactics of intimidation that were forced on the district’s residents.
In the same realm in Baalbak the Lebanese Forces Nominee Antoine Habchi won the MP seat in spite of the rhetoric war of terrorism that Hezbollah declared openly against him.
Sadly, this Parliament which Hezbollah controls will be heading to legitimize its armed militia in case the Iranian occupation remains in control of Lebanon.
In conclusion, this election is legally illegitimate due the fact that Lebanon is an occupied country and the Lebanese people are oppressed and not able or even allowed to elect freely.

Elias Bejjani
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