Elias Bejjani: The Theatrical Lebanese Elections & the Vicious Hezbollah’s Scheme


The Theatrical Lebanese Elections & the Vicious Hezbollah’s Scheme
Elias Bejjani/April 21/18

The outcome of the current theatrical elections is well known in advance to every body.
Why and how?

Simply because Hezbollah occupies Lebanon since 2005 after replacing the Syrian one.

Since than this Iranian terrorist army has been very successful in penetrating the Lebanese government on all levels, and at the same time enslaving the majority of the Lebanese politicians and the so falsely called Lebanese political parties through bribery, fear and terrorism.

In summary what is going on at the present time in Lebanon is not an election, a free and democratic one, but sadly a theatrical process of appointing members in the parliament who are practically enslaved by Hezbollah to serve the Iranian scheme of occupying Lebanon as well as all the Arab countries.

This is a reality that each and every Lebanese must be ready to face and to refuse and fight openly and courageously.

He who attentively listens to the on going challenging kind of the Iranian high rank officials’ bragging about their hegemony and full control on five Arab capitals among them Beirut will with not a shed of doubt clearly know who Hezbollah is and who runs this 100% Iranian militant and terrorist proxy.

At the same Sayed Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah in almost in each of his speeches affirms the Hezbollah’s full affiliation on all Levels and in all domains to the Iranian Mullahs’ religious regime.

Sadly Hezbollah is an Iranian military tool of terrorism and destruction that has been used to threaten the stability, peace and prosperity of Lebanon and all the Arab countries, from Iraq to Gaza…

Definitely there is nothing Lebanese or Arabic in Hezbollah’s aims, agenda, education, decision making process or patriotism. ..It an Iranian military tool no more no less.

In conclusion Hezbollah is an Iranian Army that occupies Lebanon and aims to topple down its multi-cultural -democratic regime and replace it by an Iranian Mullahs’ model and that is why its leadership is working hard and all means to control the Lebanese Parliament.

Elias Bejjani
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