Elie Aoun: Why Samir Frangieh was wrong, and why “March 14” lost?/سمير فرنجية كان على خطأ ولماذا 14 آذار خسرت


Why Samir Frangieh was wrong, and why “March 14” lost?
سمير فرنجية كان على خطأ و14 آذار لماذا خسرت
Elie Aoun/April 19/18

Alsawt.org recently posted an article originally published in Annahar on November 6, 2009 and written by the late Parliamentarian Samir Frangieh.

Mr. Frangieh is accurate in saying that there is “no clear vision for Lebanon’s future and our role in it.” That lack of vision is of the leadership and certain intellectuals – but does not reflect on those who are outside that circle.

In responding to the question “Why did we get here,” Mr. Frangieh described certain symptoms but not the root causes – which can be understood by looking at the following facts:
Patriarch Bechara Al-Rai: Jesuit (College Notre Dame de Jamhour)
Saad Hariri : Jesuit (Georgetown University) and Freemason
Talal Arslan : Jesuit (Georgetown University)
Marwan Hamadeh : Jesuit (St. Joseph University)
Amine Gemayel : Jesuit (St. Joseph University)
Samy Gemayel : Jesuit (St. Joseph University)
Samir Geagea : Jesuit (St. Joseph University)
Nabih Berri : Freemason
Sleiman Frangieh : Freemason
Gibran Bassil: Rotary (a branch of Freemasonry)
Walid Jumblatt: Freemason
Michel Samaha : Jesuit
Salim Jreissat : Jesuit (St. Joseph University, where he worked as a lecturer)
Jean Obeid: Jesuit
Hamid Franjieh (Samir’s Father): Jesuit (St. Joseph University)
And the list goes on…

Having the largest network of schools and universities, the Jesuits indoctrinate future politicians with their doctrinal harmful agenda – which can be understood by anyone who does a minimal research.
Francesco Borgia, the Third Jesuit Superior General, honestly stated: “We came in like lambs, and we will rule like wolves.”

To basic core of political Jesuitism is to be a “dissembler” (a person who professes opinions that he does not hold in order to conceal his real motives; a person who is inwardly evil but outwardly professes to be virtuous).

For example, they speak in favor of a viable nation-state and freedoms while in reality they are against them. They speak in favor of the Christians, while in reality they undermine them, etc.

Lebanon can be healed by first recognizing that the entire political and religious leaderships (Christian, Muslim, and Druze) are anti-patriotic and dissemblers who convey one thing while their objective is something else. We need to recognize that truth, know not to rely on them or help them, and pursue a proven political model for the country.

The three Lebanese presidents and all the leaders of the major political parties are all ruled by Jesuitism and Freemasonry. Regardless of what they say in public, their true ideology is anti-patriotic and in favor of a globalist agenda that has no respect for sovereignty or national boundaries.

A vote for any one of the major political parties is a vote for all of them – because they are all controlled by the same entity. Any public opposition to one another is theatrical, not ideological.

The “March 14 Gathering” lost for two main reasons: (1) they were infiltrated by dissemblers and (2) the non-dissemblers (such as Samir Frangieh) were misled to adopt the dissemblers’ agenda.

The March 14’s leadership was Jesuits and Freemasons: primarily Jumblat, Geagea, Hariri, and Bkirki (which is ruled by Jesuitism as evidenced by the Jesuit logo on the gate of Bkirki). Without listing names, “The Lebanese Front” was influenced by the same and suffered the same consequences.

As long as Christians refuse to acknowledge that the Vatican, Bkirki, and the leaders of the major political parties are infiltrated by dissemblers and are acting against them, they will not be able to improve their status. The same can be said of Muslims and Druze.

General Emile Boustany, who brokered the Cairo Accord with Yasser Arafat and made official concession of Lebanese sovereignty, was given the Golden Commemorative Medal of Pope Leon XIII.
Pope John Paul I was poisoned for wanting to terminate the Jesuits.

Pope Sixtus V was assassinated for trying to change the name of the Jesuits.

It is that same murderous Jesuit Order, responsible in its history for the slaughter of millions of Christians, has its logo on the gate of Bkirki, and rules Lebanese major political parties. Even if ninety percent of these parties’ members are patriotic, the leadership is not – and there is no hope from any of them.

Any Jesuit who chooses to pursue a patriotic agenda – such as Bachir Gemayel, Renee Mouawad, or Pierre Amine Gemayel – gets assassinated. Regardless of the identity of the enforcer, the decision-maker behind the assassinations is a Jesuit, Freemason, or both.

Those who truly rule the country decide who gets assassinated. As rulers, they can ensure that the truth would not be revealed.

There can be no genuine “resurrection” for the country without an honest exposure of Jesuit and Freemason political doctrine and anti-patriotic agenda. Without such an honest exposure, all the discussions on how to improve the country’s wellbeing may not achieve the desired results.

Unfortunately, many of the country’s intellectuals spend their entire life not knowing the identity of their true enemy, and sometimes they unknowingly work for them. Regretfully, Mr. Frangieh was one example, and his Jesuit-misled views published in Annahar would be discussed later in a separate article.

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