Dr. Walid Phares: Assad protector of Christians/Reminder/The US need to do several things


“Assad protector of Christians?”
Dr. Walid Phares/Face Book/April 10/18

There is no need to preach to Lebanese Christians if the Assad regime is their protector. 15 years of savage bombardments of East Beirut and the Christian areas of Lebanon, and 15 years of occupation, detention and torture. Archives are an Ocean. The dead are gone but one evidence can clear the matter. Let Assad free the hundreds of Lebanese, Christians and Muslim, who were detained in Saydnaya, Tadmur and Mazza, over decades.
Iranian-Hezbollah propaganda about their “protection” has no effect whatsoever on victims and survivors. Their car bombs shattering Christian neighborhoods of Beirut aren’t forgotten. They are protecting their own bases from losing power, that is for sure, but they aren’t protecting the people they decimated, tortured, exiled and humiliated for almost half a century

Dr. Walid Phares/Face Book/April 10/18
Iranian backed media claiming Syrian Christians are opposed to striking Assad for use of Chemical “because he protects them.” Reminder that the Assad regime killed more than 130,000 Christians in Lebanon, assassinated their leaders and occupied the country for decades. Many are still in his jails. In a sense, the Iran axis is also “Jihadist” as we hear from Hezbollah
In Lebanon, many Christians have allied themselves with Hezbollah and Assad. This won’t change history, even if they changed camps.

Phares to Fox News: “The US need to do several things:
Dr. Walid Phares/Face Book/April 10/18
1) US Intelligence detailed certification that chemical weapons were used
2) Show the results at the UN Security Council and ask for a resolution
3) Once the Russian veto is used, call for a Coalition of the Willing to confront this threat
4) Coordinate with NATO and Arab Coalition partners
5) Take action if needed against the chemical weapons
6) Take action in Syria -where needed- to deter the axis from further breaches
7) Develop a comprehensive strategy towards Syria