Elias Bejjani/Judases Of the Cedar’s Revolution & the 14th Of March Coalition/يوداصيو ثورة الأرز و14 آذار


Judases Of the Cedar’s Revolution & the 14th Of March Coalition/
يوداصيو ثورة الأرز و14 آذار

Elias Bejjani/02 April/18

Sadly there are no politicians in Lebanon, but mere thugs, mercenaries and merchants. 99% of the so called Lebanese politicians, as well as the majority owners of the so called parties which are in reality commercial corporations ..have No dignity, No self respect, No patriotic background, No vision and no faith or hope.

They do not fear Almighty God or even take into consideration His Judgment Day.

These thugs are 100% totally accountable for all the hardships that Lebanon and the Lebanese have been encountering since 2005..

The worst among these thugs are those who falsely allege to be patriotic and hide behind the Cedar’s Revolution national tags.

the same revolution that they betrayed, abandoned and sold to Hezbollah, Iran and the Syrian butcher. Definitely, we do not have actual politicians in Lebanon at the present time.

What on Earth are today’s politicians talking about?
Dr.Walid Phares/Face Book/April 02/18
If what politicians in Lebanon are saying today would have been said in the 1980s, before the full Syrian invasion, people in the 1980s would have needed a translation: What on Earth are today’s politicians talking about?

To Make Our Easter’s Commemoration Godly & Righteous
Elias Bejjani/01 April/18
There is no doubt that our commemoration of the resurrection of Christ remains meaningless unless we humble ourselves and reconcile with our actual enemies and open a new page of respect and love with those who we are in conflicts with, especially parents and family members. In conclusion the righteous celebration of the lords’ resurrection is not genuine without actual deeds of love and forgiveness.