Detailed LCCC English News Bulletin For January 09/2018


Detailed LCCC English News Bulletin For January 09/2018

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Titles For Latest LCCC Bulletin analysis & editorials from miscellaneous sources published on January 08-09/18
Canada: Islamist-Leftist-Government Alliance Silences Free Speech/Christine Douglass-Williams/Gatestone Institute/January 08/2018
Iran’s President Takes On His Hard-Line Critics/Thomas Erdbrinkjan/NewYork Times/January 08/18
Putin’s Goals Went Beyond Saving Assad/Leonid Bershidsky/Bloomberg View/January 08/2018
Don’t Go to the Library/Ghassan Charbel/Asharq Al Awsat/January 08/2018
Protesters in Iran Need Real Help from Int’l Community/Michael Singh/The Washington Post/January 08/2018
Mass Migration: The European Commission’s New “Norm”/Alain Destexhe/Gatestone Institute/January 08/2018
Turning point in US–Pakistan relations/Syed Jawaid Iqbal/Al Arabiya/January 08/18
On Saudi social media stars/Mashari Althaydi/Al Arabiya/January 08/18
Behind the latest protests in Iran/Amir Taheri/Al Arabiya/January 08/18
Iran: A date with freedom/Hussein Shobokshi/Al Arabiya/January 08/18
Sorting Out U.S. and European Differences Over Iran/Jay Solomon/The Washington Institute/January 08/18
Rouhani’s Protest Paradox/Maj. Omer Carmi, IDF/The Washington Institute/January 08/18

Titles For Latest LCCC Lebanese Related News published on January 08-09/18
Lebanon: Hariri Seeks Solution that Appeases Both Aoun, Berri
Aoun sticks to his guns, reiterates judiciary’s role in decree feud
Berri to Aoun: Constitution is interpreted by Parliament only
Aoun Says ‘Committed’ to Judicial Decision on Seniority Decree
Finance Minister Ali Hassan KhalilSays No Politics in Electricity Crisis as Agreement Reached with EDL Workers
Berri Replies to Aoun, Says Seniority Decree ‘Violates’ Constitution
Saudi Envoy: Some Lebanese Parties Don’t Want Good Saudi-Lebanese Ties
Kataeb Stresses Importance of Elections, Says Won’t Bow to ‘Hegemony-Era Practices’
Hariri Meets Zaspykin
Ahmed Hariri Denies Reports of Electoral Alliance with Hizbullah
Reports: Bassil Aims to ‘Downsize’ LF Role Amid Strained Ties
Report: Mustaqbal, FPM, Marada Consider Forming Electoral Alliance

Titles For Latest LCCC Bulletin For Miscellaneous Reports And News published on January 08-09/18
CIA chief Pompeo denies agency role in Iran unrest, predicts new violence
Pope urges efforts to rebuild trust in Syria, North Korea
Iran Warns World to Prepare for US Nuke Deal Withdrawal
Trump, Macron agree that Iran protests are ‘sign of regime’s failure’
Iran bans teaching of English in schools after ‘cultural invasion’ warning
Pence to visit Egypt, Jordan, Israel in January
Qatar, Iran officials discuss tourism cooperation in Kish island
Egypt ex-PM Ahmed Shafiq will not stand for president in 2018
Egypt to Hold Presidential Vote March 26-28
Life Under Fire in North Sinai
Student killed, opposition leader detained as bread protests grip Sudan
France Sees ‘Historic’ 100,000 Asylum Claims in 2017
Emir of Kuwait Underscores Collective Work to Overcome Challenges in Gulf
Eight children among 21 killed in Syria strikes
Explosion risk for Iranian oil tanker ablaze off China
Jordan Says It Foiled ‘Massive’ Terror Plot Linked to IS

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