Elie Aoun: An Open Letter to Hassan Nasrallah/رسالة مفتوحة من إيلي عون إلى حسن نصرالله


An Open Letter to Hassan Nasrallah/رسالة مفتوحة من إيلي عون إلى حسن نصرالله
Elie Aoun/January 07/18

In principle, those who claim to be liberators have a duty to preserve that liberation. Being liberators does not give them the right to undermine the country they liberated, or to place it under another occupation.

The vast majority of your interview with Al Mayadeen, few days ago, had nothing to do with Lebanon. Nevertheless, few comments are worth mentioning to shed a new light on a misguided ideology — and to awaken those who wish to be awakened.

Firstly, in one of your statements, you mentioned Trump, Netanyahu, and what you called “those crazies.” That is true. Sometimes, the only reason why certain things happen is because those behind them are crazies.

It was U.S. crazies who were behind the rise of Da’esh, Al-Qaeda, and the killing of their own people on September 11, 2001 — an event which they blamed on “Al-Qaeda“ to justify the wars that followed. Before that, it was U.S. crazies who assisted Khomeini to attain power in Iran — the offspring of which is Hizballah. You have to respect “those crazies” because you owe your existence to them.

Why do you think they support terrorists and then turn around and wage wars and pass legislation against terrorism? If you know the correct answer, then you will understand how organizations similar to yours are useful to them. While you perceive yourselves as a “resistance,” they perceive you as useful fools to advance their hidden agenda.

Secondly, you state that the purpose of any future war is to attack the “resistance coalition.“ That is not true. If you truly believe that, then you are misguided.

A war has nothing to do with attacking “resistance,” but a plot for both Arabs and Jews to destroy each other. Did you ever ask yourself: “To whose benefit are Arabs and Jews continuously killing one another,“ or are you a participant in that plot to call for “hundreds of thousands” to engage in your “resistance”?

Both the Israeli Zionists and many Arab leaders, including the Palestinian Abbas, are Freemasons. In the event of war, it would be led by Freemasons on both sides.

Towards the end of their political careers, both Rabin and Sharon turned patriots. Do you know why Shimon Peres assassinated Rabin and later poisoned Sharon, and to whose benefit? Once you know the real reasons, then you will understand all that needs to be understood about Israeli politics.

Thirdly, you stated that the path followed by Trump and Netanyahu leaves the Palestinians with no option but to rally behind the “resistance.” That is also not true.

The Palestinians and the Arabs have in vain depleted many resources that could have established, not one, but ten Palestines. It is time that they wise up and understand clearly what they are dealing with, instead of chasing behind the banner of “resistance” which only lead them to more of the same — endless killing from one generation to another.

The alternative solution to “resistance” is to rise above this madness and to lay the proper foundation for what could be described as a “constitutional republic.”

Unfortunately, Arabs had been misled by the concept of “democracy,” when in reality a pure democracy is one of the worst forms of government. A “constitutional republic” is the best hope for the Palestinians, Lebanese, and anyone else who wishes to rise from their present despair and become a viable nation.

Fourthly, you correctly stated that “to establish a true nation, there has to be a trustworthy (governmental) entity to which all sides would submit to adjudicate (a certain issue).” The question is: Which Lebanese governmental entities do you recognize as adjudicators of all the issues that relate to Hizballah?

With regard to Lebanese-Israeli relation, there is a 1949 Armistice Agreement between both nations which specifies that no aggressive action is to be undertaken by either side against the other. Both Hizballah (as a party on Lebanese soil) and Israel are obligated to abide by that which has already been “adjudicated.”

Finally, you stated at the end of the interview that we are supposed to “sacrifice for the people” and that “a person is awaiting his judgment in the eternal life.“

In your opinion, what would be the judgment of those who violate the Third Commandment by misusing the name of God? The name of your party disrespects God. The logo on your yellow flag dishonors God.

In your logo, there is an AK-47 raised above the name of “Allah.” Also, the two Ls in the name “Allah” are shaped in the form of a phallic symbol. Could you explain the reasons why, in addition to clarifying the meaning of the remaining symbols?

A true man of God is a witness to truth. From the entire religious hierarchy — Christian, Muslim, and Druze — how many can speak the truth about Hezbollah’s logo and protest its pagan and ungodly character?

Unfortunately, all major Lebanese political parties depict pagan and Freemasonic symbolism in their flags and logo — with no apparent objections from any so-called “men of God.”

If you truly wish to make a genuine “sacrifice” for the people, the first step that you and the other political parties have to do is to throw all your political flags and logo in the garbage, where they belong. Raising these flags is a curse on Lebanon, and the country cannot heal without first a “spiritual cleansing.” The drastic rise in crimes, suicide, and other social ills in Lebanon is directly linked to the dark spirituality that is imposed on society by political and religious paganism.

You and the other political parties are not sacrificing for the people. Instead, you are sacrificing people for you and for your destructive ideology imposed on them by deception.