Detailed LCCC English News Bulletin For October 26/17


Detailed LCCC English News Bulletin For October 26/17

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Titles For Latest LCCC Bulletin analysis & editorials from miscellaneous sources published on October 25-26/17
Geagea’s LF ministers are a mere cover in the government for the sinful deal/Elias Bejjani/October 25/17
Hariri-Geagea’s Harvest of Succumbing To Hezbollah/Elias Bejjani/October 25/17
Israel unmasks new Hezbollah leader on Syria border/Jerusalem Post/October 25/17
Change is not Exclusive to Saudi Arabia/Abdulrahman Al-Rashed/Asharq Al Awsat/October 25/17
When Wall Street Looks Pricey, the Rest of the US Thrives/Conor Sen/Bloomberg View/October 25/17
Europe: Journalists Against Free Speech/Judith Bergman/Gatestone Institute/October 25/17
The EU Lectures Journalists about PC Reporting/Bruce Bawer/Gatestone Institute/October 25/17
Rohingya Refugee Crisis: The Role of Islamist Terrorists/Lawrence A. Franklin/Gatestone Institute/October 25/17
Saudi Arabia: The immense outreach of soft power/Faisal Al-Shammeri/Al Arabiya/October 25/17

Titles For Latest LCCC Lebanese Related News published on October 25-26/17
Geagea’s LF ministers are a mere cover in the government for the sinful deal
Hariri-Geagea’s Harvest of Succumbing To Hezbollah
A Year Under Aoun’s Tenure…Threatened Settlement, Incomplete Achievements
Aoun says relieved over Saudi decision to cooperate with Lebanon in education, housing
Hariri discusses military and economic cooperation with Russian Ambassador
Mashnouq follows up with his Iraqi counterpart Lebanese abductees’ case
Frangieh compares Bassil with Ghazi Kanaan
Lazzarini conducts tour in Akkar, visits several centers
Riachy calls media not to broach case of Lebanese abducted in Iraq
Ayman Zbib performs at ‘Miss Summer 2017′ pageant in Turkish Cyprus
2 killed at Grambling State University in Louisiana; shooter at large
EU ambassadors’ delegation visits UNIFIL headquarters, affirms commitment to Lebanon integrity
Finance Minister launches real estate electronic services
Israel unmasks new Hezbollah leader on Syria border
Lebanon Inquiring about Fate of Three Lebanese Abducted in Iraq
Ibrahim Tackles Kidnapped File in Syria, Says Ready for Coordination Mission on Refugees
Rare Public Anger at Hizbullah after Crackdown on Street Vendors
U.S. Treasury Secretary Vows ‘Deterrent’ Measures against Hizbullah
Gen. Aoun Meets Head of US Central Command in Washington
Bassil Says Mashnouq ‘Impeding’ Elections as Panel Holds Futile Meeting
EU Ambassadors Visit UNIFIL, Voice Support for Army, Lebanese AuthoritiesWoman Wanted over Spying for Israel Arrested
Military, Security Delegations in Moscow to Seal ‘Quality Arms’ Agreements
Police Remove Illegal Stands in Beirut Southern Suburb, Owners Burn Tires in Protest
Australia Grants UNICEF $23 Million for Lebanon Education

Titles For Latest LCCC Bulletin For Miscellaneous Reports And News published on October 25-26/17
Russia Prevents Extending Mandate of Investigation into Syria’s Chemical Attack
Iraqi Kurdistan Offers to ‘Freeze’ Results of Independence Vote
US to Resume Refugee Admissions; 11 Countries Blocked
U.S. Drone Strike Kills 13 ‘IS Fighters’ in Yemen
Iraqi PM Abadi Arrives in Turkey for Talks
Iran Reopens Border Crossing with Iraqi Kurdistan
Iranian Parliament Reviews Ahmadinejad-Linked Corruption
Saudi FM Jubeir on future of Gulf rift: ‘The matter is up to Qatar’
Saudi Arabia lists two entities and eleven names supporting al-Qaeda, ISIS
Jubeir: We Support Trump Position on Tehran, Qatar Crisis a ‘Non-Issue’
Emir of Kuwait: Our Mediation in Qatar Crisis Aims to Protect GCC from Rift
Suspected Militant Arrested, Weapons Seized in Berlin Raid
ISIS demands Reuters and BBC to publish names of alleged victims of Wahat terrorist crime
Trump speaks to Xi Jinping after Chinese leader tightens grip on power
Catalan separatist leader turns down chance to talk to Spanish Senate

Geagea’s LF ministers are a mere cover in the government for the sinful deal
Elias Bejjani/October 25/17/Geagea’s LF three ministers are a cover for the sinful governing deal, and a mere decorative in a government that Hezbollah has in it the upper hand and the last say. The LF ministers are accordingly hindering and blocking all hopes in the reclaiming of independence, sovereignty and free decision making process.

Hariri-Geagea’s Harvest of Succumbing To Hezbollah
Elias Bejjani/October 24/17/Hariri’s & Geagea’s shameful succumbing to Hezbollah’s sinful governing deal, their dismantling of 14th of March coalition, as well as their hunger and lustre for power encouraged the Iranian Mullahs to confiscate, abuse and marginalize Lebanon’s sovereignty, constitution and independence

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